Tell Your Child’s Story (Tutoring & Mentorship)

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Are you concerned about your child’s writing?

It would be nice if your child received all the writing skills they needed from school, but sometimes this isn’t enough. Teachers only have so much bandwidth to work with individuals in the class and often times the quiet introverts or shy individuals get even less support than the others – I know because I was one.

Perhaps you’ve tried after school programs, but they haven’t been the right fit.

I create a custom program specifically tailored to who your child is and what their needs are.

I’ve helped students of all grades (K-12), helping first graders with writing and grammar all the way to coaching students on college essays.

There is always room for continued development in writing. The writing process is creative; not just about learning to be a better writer and communicator, but a better human. The skills used in the writing process are ones that will be used the rest of your child’s life.

I’m especially interested in working with my students with their:

  • Inner Critic
  • Personal Essays for College Applications
  • ISEE (Independent School Entrance Examination) Essays

Tutoring is typically ongoing. You might have thought targeted sessions would work, just for a confusing homework assignment, difficult essay, or to pull grades up before finals… but this isn’t as effective for boosting writing skills as focusing on building foundations of writing. When you don’t heal the root cause of an issue, the symptoms will continue to recur.

Quarter Package (10 weekly sessions)
Intensive holiday sessions also available.

Schedule a no-obligation free 30 minute call to discuss your child’s needs and determine whether we would be a good fit.

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