Writing Reconnection

Does your written draft—after all that work—still not feel right?

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So you’ve finally nearly written your piece. 

How exciting to have a draft you’ve worked so hard on.  Good going!

Have you written a book, memoir, novel, or story collection? 

Maybe you put your heart into a short project: a personal essay, admission essay, letter, series of emails, website content, personal biography, or short story. 

Again, congratulations.

Yet it doesn’t feel right.

Now, you’re getting closer to the time when it reaches the hands (and eyes) of your audience. 

And your words don’t feel ready. 

You don’t feel comfortable sharing. 

Or maybe you aren’t trusting yourself and your writing. 

You’re questioning if it will be received how you want it to be.  

Inner talk can abound when you’re moving from the interior world of writing to sharing your work.

What if this isn’t good?  What if people won’t get it?  What if people think I’m a bad writer?  What if I wasted all my time on this and it isn’t worth sharing or publishing?  Why can’t I feel satisfied with it?  Aargh!

You don’t know why it doesn’t feel right, and you don’t feel connected to your own words. 

You have no clue how those who read your writing will experience it, and you’re second-guessing yourself beyond end.

Polishing your writing

You’ve stared, considered, edited, and re-edited your work until your eyes glaze over. 

Did you ask friends or family for support?  They can be really on your side, telling you it all looks great. 

But perhaps you wanted more than kind surface-level responses.

You crave constructive feedback to really improve your writing. 

You want to see your words shine and you’re not sure how to get there. 

Compassionate, professional support helps you gently polish your writing.

The words can shine and your piece feels good, right, and resonant in your body.

Join me on your editing journey and get the personalized support you need.

You’ll feel connected to your words, your finished project, and your audience.

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It feels tough, but your writing process is normal

Sometimes your writing may soar, and sometimes you have doubts.

Those are normal experiences in the writing process, even when you’re nearly finished.  

In fact, this is where the gnarliest fears and worries can crop up. 

It can feel very vulnerable when you are so close to sharing your heartfelt words with your audience.  Will they like it?  Will they get it?

It’s difficult to see your own writing from your reader’s perspective—that’s also normal.  

An objective reader, one who’s tuned into both the big picture and the details, makes a huge difference. 

You don’t have to struggle with the revision and editing process alone.  The best writers seek support.  It’s simply a part of the writing process.

I’d love you to consider how working with a gentle, experienced editor can help you have that achievement, completion, resonance, and connection you’ve been seeking.  

Is Writing Reconnection for you?

I welcome working with creative people who have a written draft and want to find a deeper connection to their words and reader. 

This program is also for you if you:

  • Have a soul-driven message or story to impart.
  • Are near the end of the draft and feel afraid to share it.
  • Want to improve as a writer and find more ease.
  • Like to write and have no formal writing experience.
  • Need a reader’s perspective on what you’ve done so far.
  • Are mid-way through a project, feeling doubt, and desire a check-in.
  • Want to be seen, heard, and understood for who you really are through your writing.

This program is not for you, if you: 

  • Aren’t excited about making a resonant heartfelt connection through your words.
  • Just want someone to make changes for you without being actively involved in the process.
  • Aren’t interested in learning how to improve as a writer.
  • Don’t have a draft yet–but check out Writing Connection Journey for help getting your draft written.

I loved the sessions!

I was a little worried at first how helpful it would be but once we broke the ice and I sent you my manuscript, everything went smoothly.

The advice ended up working quite well and really improved the writing.

I loved how you didn’t force me to accept any suggestions but let the work ultimately be my own even as you helped me refine it.

I won the contest I submitted it to, so I think the result was great!


Writing Reconnection Keystones 

Comprehensive & Intuitive

How do you know when you’ve written something that sings? 

I’m guessing you feel it, as well as liking how the words look and sound.   

It’s that feeling-sense, in addition to the words themselves, that creates resonance. 

The reader connects with the feeling and the language itself.  

When I work with you and read your words, I consider the feelings the words evoke as well as how the writing is presented. 

I pay attention to the energy of the language, observing where it feels blocked and where it feels spacious and inviting.

What’s your purpose for your writing?  That’s important–it drives decision making in the revision phase. 

I take into account your intentions for how you want the words to land. 

I look at both the big picture and the details.  The grammar, and the flow.  

Insight & Understanding

As you’re writing, you might notice spots that feel off, don’t flow, or don’t quite make sense.  Yet you’re not sure how to fix it.  

You can highlight those sections in your document so I can take a look.  Often, there’s a way to rearrange what you already have so it flows better. 

I might recommend using headlines, section breaks, or extra spacing to improve readability.  I can point out places that are unclear and tell you why they’re unclear and ways you can clarify, like by giving examples or getting more detailed.

By understanding your own tendencies (perhaps you tend to use a few words really often or tend to be abstract without providing concrete details), you’ll gain valuable insight and awareness which you can apply to future writing endeavors.  

We solve potential problems together. 

You receive answers to long-frustrating puzzles you’ve had about your writing and use these insights to make your piece—and future writing—really connect to yourself, your words, and your readers.

Malar is a great editor, both wise on the tiny details to the flow and heart intention.

Sondra Kornblatt, author of 4 books, including Restful Insomnia


Have you received feedback in the past that didn’t work for you? 

Everyone’s writing and needs are unique. 

I customize Writing Reconnection for your needs so you receive the feedback and support most helpful to you.  

Some clients like to see the manuscript edits and take it from there. 

Others like to talk about a sticky sentence, paragraph, or chapter until they can write the revisions for another review. 

Together, we’ll find the ways that you can absorb the edits and suggestions, which work best for you. 


There are editors out there who will “fix” your work to a formula.  Not me.

Your writing, of course, remains your own!  The power of change lies in your hands. 

If you don’t like my suggestion, please decline and let’s talk about it so you can understand the perspective behind it to address the underlying issue.

You aren’t sitting back and simply letting someone make changes or ruin your precious work.  You actively alter your writing until it’s just the way you want it.  

I enjoy helping you find some playfulness in creatively shaping your words, when you are within the container of kind reflection on what’s working and what’s not. 

In our work, you’re able to strengthen your own ability to find your truth.

Strengths-Based Positive Feedback

I use a balanced approach (have you heard of compliment sandwiches?) so you know what’s great about your writing as well as where you can fine-tune your words.  

I believe in embracing and enhancing natural strengths—we ALL can improve, but that’s not the only focus.  I try to highlight what you’re good at, even if you’ve forgotten what those are or how to apply them to your writing.  

Hands-On Critique

I work in Google documents to give you suggestions.  You’ll be able to efficiently accept the changes I suggest or request more information.  Feel free to ask questions in the document and I’ll give you direct feedback.  

Attention to Detail

I’m good at catching typos and small mistakes others might miss. 

Each piece of writing receives the same level of deep attention and care. 

Our final pass is proofreading so you can feel confident you haven’t missed anything.

Personal Care–not just your words

Editing is not just about your words; it’s about you. 

It’s important that you as the writer feel cared for in the process.  It’s terrible if your final product shines at the end, but you feel depleted and discouraged about yourself as a writer.  My intention is to support you and your words.

Peace of Mind

Writing can be changed and edited virtually forever; “perfect” is subjective. 

Our aim is that place where you feel it when your writing is done-enough, good-enough, and ready to share with the world. 

After you’ve put in the work, you can relax into appreciating the finished product with confidence.

opened book on tree root

“I felt comfortable when we first met. 

Thank you so much for keeping me centered and helping me get to where I am on this assignment, Malar.

It was so hard to summarize all my life long journey and lessons into a limited word count.  

I very much appreciate your attentive support and beautiful edits.” 

Christine Gates

Editing is a challenging, vulnerable, and rewarding process. 

We’ve all had our papers marked up with red ink. 

It hurts to have our carefully chosen words rejected or told they are “wrong.”  It’s even worse when it’s from someone you don’t know!  

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That’s not why I’m doing my work.  I’m not judging or grading you; I’m here to support and help you. 

Together, we can ensure your message lands effectively for your readers and serves its intended purpose.

When I edit, I may change words, but it’s not because the words are “wrong.”  Together, we’re consciously choosing the words and method of expression that matches the energy and intention of the piece as a whole.  I make suggestions, and you see if they’re right. 

I’ll be the mirror you need to see the reader’s perspective. I provide feedback and guidance to help you express your ideas and have the impact you intend.

  • Ensure your message serves its purpose
  • Express your authentic voice
  • Improve clarity, flow, and ease of readability
  • Format for professionalism

“Working with Malar is a joyful and rewarding experience.

Her coaching and feedback helped me find the essence of my message, as well as improve the quality and impact of my writing.

Her guidance helped me create articles that generated more traffic, increased social media engagement, and improved turnout at our special events.”

Chris Sims, President, Agile Learning Labs and co-author of two best-selling scrum books

My approach goes beyond editing.  

I’ll be your mentor, helping you become a more skillful writer.  

Struggling to get your words out?  I’ll be your sounding board and confidant.  

Want to get clearer on what to say?  I’ll be your coach, compassionately holding space for you to find your words.

Writer Reconnection principles help you create the writing that sings:

Safety is the container. (click for more)

Writing can be vulnerable and lonely.  Before being able to explore what’s really at the heart of the matter, you need to feel safe.  I work with you to create comfort in the editing process.  

Story is how we connect. (click for more)

As you may have experienced, writing is a powerful healing and communication tool.  But sharing that with your readers is another art in connecting well with your audience.  That’s a primary function of editing.  In Writing Reconnection, I help you connect deeply to your reader through your words.

Creativity opens the door to new possibilities. (click for more)

Creativity is a source of passion, magic, mystery, and meaning in life.  We have the energy of creativity to guide us to unexpected depths.  

Emotions are a universal language. (click for more)

Emotions can help you navigate your personal revision process.  In Writing Reconnection, I work with you to use your emotions as a compass, helping you express them in your writing to connect deeply and authentically with your reader.

Your piece has a higher purpose. (click for more)

There’s a reason you’re writing and putting time, energy, and effort into this piece.  I hold your intention and desires for your project in high regard so your writing can be in alignment with your purpose.  

This program can help you:

  • Feel satisfied, happy, confident, and connected with your writing.
  • Feel complete with your project, and be ready to hit send or publish.
  • Find your authentic writerly voice and the heart of your piece.
  • Clear through blocks you have around editing.
  • Be guided through your revisions from start to finish.
  • Feel soothed, grounded, settled, and relieved.

Your edits are so great.

You hold the purpose of my writing, and help make the paragraphs, sentences, and grammar stronger.”

Sondra Kornblatt, author of 4 books, including Restful Insomnia

About Your Guide

As a freelance editor, certified coach, and lifelong writer, I have a passion for helping people connect with themselves, their words, and their readers..  

Freelance Editor & Writing Coach

Since 2008, I’ve worked with writers in every messy step of the creation process. 

That includes helping writers connect with their words and find their voice in my roles as a freelance editor, writing instructor, writing coach, and tutor.  I’ve edited for individuals, businesses, and in classroom settings.

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I’ve also led instructional writing courses on technique, focusing on fluency and accuracy.  And I’ve facilitated creative writing classes on craft, teaching on story structure and creating characters.

I approach writing with balance.  I hold the heart of the story while also being strongly detail-oriented.  I blend practical knowledge with intuitive skills, supporting clients to uncover the language for the story that is most alive, joyous, and expansive.  

Sensing into the energy of the words, story, punctuation, etc. guides my feedback to clients.  I help them know how others might receive, understand, and appreciate their stories. 

I’m good at making connections and finding patterns in what my clients share with me, which helps them see a bigger picture beyond the details they may be stuck in.  I’m flexible and creative in my approach, meeting clients where they are.

Lifelong Writer

I’m a voracious reader, happiest when I’ve got a stack of unread books in my “to-read” pile.  

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I’ve used the written word to express myself and tap into the magic and mystery of creativity since adolescence.  I’ve covered a wide range of forms, including novels and picture books In fiction, and articles and personal essays in nonfiction. 

Now I offer writing to my clients as a powerful healing tool to help create connection.  

Professionally, I’m a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) where I regularly attend conferences and workshops to hone my craft.  I’ve also written for GreenTown Los Altos, a grassroots nonprofit organization on sustainability, with articles posted on the organization’s website and published in the local newspaper. 

I’ve worked with editors and critique partners myself so I know what it’s like both to give and receive feedback.  

I was feeling overwhelmed getting my book proposal ready for submission and sought out Malar’s help.

She did a great job editing my proposal, and I really appreciated her thoughtful and clear suggestions.

I benefited from her support and know that my book proposal is in much better shape because of her assistance. I’m excited to share it with the publisher!”

Nicole Connell, Educational Therapist


What’s included:

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  • Intake with questions for you to get clear on the purpose and heart of your writing.
  • Collaboration through Google documents to use comments and suggestions in order to effectively engage in back-and-forth critique and guidance. 
  • High level revision suggestions as well as detailed edits for flow, clarity, consistency, grammar, etc within Google documents.
  • Strategies to create stronger organizational structures so your writing can be understood and flow more easily. 
  • Answers to your questions about your piece through email and Google documents.
  • Identification of your strengths and how to enhance them.

Optionally, you may add on: 

  • Face-to-face meetings to review feedback or help get the right words out.  (See Writing Connection Journey for more information.)
  • An editorial letter for a big-picture look at your piece and step-by-step revision suggestions you can carry out on your own.

Please schedule a consultation below or contact me for details on pricing.

Do you want support with your writing?

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I hope you’re thinking of how much our work together will help you really connect to yourself, your words, and your future readers. 

If you’re ready to go or interested in seeing if we’re a good fit, here are the next steps: 

  1. Fill out the application form, which shares your interest in the program.
  2. I’ll email you back to set up a free 30-minute consultation call. 
  3. During this consultation call, you’ll get to ask any questions you have.  We’ll make sure this program is a good fit.  
  4. If you’re ready to get started, we’ll plan our next steps for intake during the call.  This may include sending me your manuscript or draft.  If you want to have some time before you decide, that’s great. We’ll set up a time in a few days for a short check in. And if this isn’t a good fit, I can share other resources.

I look forward to working with you or talking during our 30 minute free consultation. 


Please contact me, I welcome your inquiry.