Writing Connection Journey

Are you caught between the joy of writing and the debilitation of doubt? 

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Whether it’s creative or personal writing, you enjoy writing. 

You want to tell your stories—maybe a memoir, novel, nonfiction, personal essay, or short story.  

You start with excitement of creative ideas, get a few things down, then hit pits of frustration.   Worries you can’t do it.  Struggles with feeling overwhelmed. 

You end up being irritated at yourself, and the earlier excitement now feels like false hopes. 

You might schedule writing time but do everything but write.  Or you’re afraid to put down your ideas on paper.  Perhaps you can’t seem to finish any drafts you start.  Or you revise the same draft over and over again, losing why you started in the first place.  

The calling to write may deeply resonate, but the process of writing holds you back.

Completing Your Project

If you’re like those I’ve worked with, you’ve tried lots of things to help you complete your project.  

With writing classes and groups, you felt hesitant to share your raw writing with the whole group.  Or the excitement dropped once the class was over and you couldn’t maintain your motivation.

When you’ve asked friends or family for support, they couldn’t offer what you needed.  Or maybe you felt embarrassed to not have progress to report.

You may have tried reading books and attending events. But you struggled with information overload and knowing when and what to apply to your own writing.

Good for you for trying these things. 

AND, there’s more needed to get consistent motivation, knowledge, and support to go from idea to finished draft.

Whether you have a great idea in your mind or can’t finish the final edits, this program is designed to give you the personalized support you need for each step of the entire journey. From start to finish.  

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This program is for:

Creative people who want to tell their stories but are struggling with doubt. 

This program is also for you, if you:

  • Like to write and have no formal writing experience.
  • Have writing experience; taken classes; participated in critique groups.
  • Have an idea that you haven’t started writing yet.
  • Are stuck in the middle of a draft.
  • Are near the end of the draft and feeling afraid to share it.
  • Want your writing to uplift or be a service to your readers.
  • Want to improve as a writer and find more ease.
  • Don’t have a draft yet and just need help getting the words out and vision clear.
  • Need a reader’s perspective on your draft.
  • Want to tell your story for your own healing and integration of all the lessons you’ve learned. Or want to share so others like you won’t feel alone. 
  • Want to share your knowledge and put together a professional project.
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This program is not for you, if you: 

  • Are too busy to spend 60-90 minutes completing assignments between sessions.
  • See writing as a once and done thing, instead of a practice to continuously develop.
  • Aren’t open to feedback or interested in growing as a writer and a person.
  • Want to write just for the sake of publishing.
  • Hate writing.

Writing Connection Journey Keystones

In creativity, you need different things at different times.  This program is designed to support you wherever you’re at with your project. 

Depending on what you need, you’ll receive a combination of:

Craft Skill Building

You can learn a lot through books and workshops, but how much are you applying the knowledge you’re gaining directly to your writing? 

This program provides just enough support around the craft of writing to help you build your skills.  

This means instead of getting overwhelmed by information and “shoulds” around writing, you focus only on the information and skills you need at that time. 

You’ll apply what you learn directly to your writing and be able to celebrate and acknowledge your skills.

Depending on your work and needs, we may cover:

  • Three common plot structures and how to customize them for your story.
  • Two formulas for the one-sentence-pitch, how to use it to stay grounded in your story, and why it’s important.
  • Internal and external motivation, and how to make these work together to drive your story.
  • Narrative drive, and how to create tension and page-turners.
  • The promise of your story and why it’s important for your reader’s satisfaction.
  • How to choose the right structure for the piece and purpose you want to write.
  • Compelling characters and how to be objective if you’re writing about yourself.
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Hands-On Critique / Feedback

It’s difficult for writers to perceive how the reader might perceive their writing. 

To connect with your audience the way you desire, we offer compassionate and constructive feedback. It can go a long way.  

I know how vulnerable it feels to share words you’ve put so much thought and care into. 

We will build safety, and permission to ask for what type of feedback you want. 

You will receive only the type of feedback you’re open to, appropriate to what would help you move forward.  This could be practical feedback on structure or intuitive commentary on the way the words feel.

Trust in Yourself

It’s normal for doubts and challenges to show up in the process of writing. 

Sometimes creating is about getting something down, and other times it’s about surrendering and allowing it to happen, not forcing it.  

In this program, you are guided to strengthen your inner wisdom and follow your creative impulses. 

Instead of preemptive censorship of your words, you’ll practice expressing yourself fully. 

You’ll build your confidence that you have what it takes.

Deep Listening


Imagine a source of steady encouragement when you most need it. 

One of the benefits of this program is having a champion who believes in your work and your ability to achieve it. 

No over-the-top toxic positivity-at-all-costs here, but gentle support when your confidence is flagging and you need a bit of motivation.


Even with all the motivation, determination, and understanding of craft you need, you’re still not moving forward if you lack a consistent schedule for writing time.  

When you know you’re ready to commit to your project, this program provides regular accountability so that you do what you want to get done. 

The reliable check-ins through the lifecycle of your project mean you take action and see what you’re capable of.

Gentle Coaching for Emotional Blocks

Everyone has an inner critic. 

Sometimes critical inner voices or emotional blocks get in the way of what you want. 

In this program you’ll learn:

  • The needs of your inner critic and how to work with it.
  • A technique to differentiate heart and head writing, so you can create from an authentically connected place.
  • The elements of intuitive-fear and “mental-fear” and how to navigate both.

I loved the sessions!

I was a little worried at first how helpful it would be but once we broke the ice and I sent you my manuscript, everything went smoothly.

The advice ended up working quite well and really improved the writing.

I loved how you didn’t force me to accept any suggestions but let the work ultimately be my own even as you helped me refine it.

I won the contest I submitted it to, so I think the result was great! 


This Program Fits To You, Not the Other Way Around

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We’ve all been through programs that didn’t work for us. So frustrating, and I’ve been there as well.

Clearly, cookie-cutter approaches don’t work, and sometimes cause more harm. 

Everyone has different life experience, processes, on their own journey.  

Instead of you needing to fit to the program, this program fits to you. 

It’s centered around your inner wisdom.  It allows you to find your own way. 

You will receive both support and structure while having the freedom to make your own creative choices that feel aligned and good to you. 

What does this look like?  

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When you’re in the idea-making stage… we focus on accessing an open and receptive state to brainstorm.  

When you are in the drafting stage… we work on getting the words out as imperfect as they are.  

When you’re in the revision stage… we use a step-by-step approach to simplify the process.  

When you’re stuck, doubting every word, or dreading sitting down to write… we explore what’s holding you back.

We may use session time for planning, for reviewing what you have so far, for writing, for feedback, etc.  I am always open to your feedback to better fit the sessions to your needs.

Cyclical, not Linear

Some of you here on this page and considering this program may be impatient and ready to see your piece polished and publish-ready! 

You’re willing to do the work to make it happen.  So why do you need 16 sessions?  

In any creative or cyclical process—and in this program—there are stages to complete and integrate.  Sometimes you may have to go back and repeat something you thought you were done with.  

The writing process is nonlinear with inevitable ups and downs. 

You might have to spend three weeks on your outline when you thought it would take two days.  Or, you may speed through your first draft with ease and hit unpredictable bumps during the revision phase.

When you show up with curiosity, openness, willingness to engage in the process, and when you have commitment to show up even when things are difficult, you will make measurable strides with your project. 

You’ll also have a solid foundation for future writing endeavors.  

This program is based on the following principles:

Safety is the container. (click for more)

Writing can be vulnerable and lonely.  Before being able to explore what’s really at the heart of the matter, you need to feel safe.  In this program, I work with you at the speed that feels most comfortable.  There aren’t any predetermined milestones.

Story is how we connect. (click for more)

Writing is a powerful healing and communication tool.  In this program, we use storytelling, journaling, and writing prompts to help you get to know yourself better and increase your connection with yourself and the world.

Creativity opens the door to new possibilities. (click for more)

Creativity is a source of passion, magic, mystery, and meaning in life.  In this program, we allow the energizing energy of creativity to guide us to unexpected depths.  As you feel your passion for what you’re creating, this energy supports the process.

Emotions are a universal language. (click for more)

Emotions can help you navigate your personal creative process.  In this program, I work with you to use your emotions as a compass and express them in your writing to connect deeply and authentically with your reader.

Your calling to write your story has a higher purpose. (click for more)

Your story, your creative project, it’s valid.  It’s worth it.  In this program, I work with you to uncover personal purpose for your deepest creative desires so you can experience fulfillment from your creations.

This program can help you:

  • Find the heart of your piece.
  • Work with your personal creative style.
  • Connect authentically with your audience.
  • Complete your project.
  • Understand your personal process.
  • Fit your writing into your life.
  • Find your voice.
  • Boost your confidence as a creator.
  • Express yourself more freely.
  • Access your truths with more ease.
  • Navigate both your writing and life.

About Your Guide


I am a writing mentor, certified coach, and lifelong writer who loves to help people safely open their hearts and connect through writing. 

Writing Mentor

Since 2008, I’ve worked with writers in every messy step of the creation process.  I’ve helped writers connect with their words and find their voice as a writing instructor, mentor, and freelance editor.  

black and red typewriter

I’m passionate about delving deep into the story underneath the story — the root cause of the struggle with communication — so you can complete your writing project and feel good about the results.  

I approach writing with balance.  I hold the heart of the story while also being strongly detail-oriented. 

I blend practical knowledge with intuitive skills, supporting clients to uncover the language for the story that is most alive, joyous, and expansive.  

woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer

Sensing into the energy of the words helps me provide feedback to clients that helps them know how others might receive, understand, and appreciate their stories. 

I’m good at making connections and finding patterns in what my clients share with me, which helps them see a bigger picture beyond the details they may be stuck in.  

I’m flexible and creative in my approach, meeting clients where they are. 

Certified Coach

In 2017, I received my coaching certification from the Academy of Leadership and NLP.  There, I learned how to help clients change their inner language to help them achieve their desires. 

My training as a certified Reiki II practitioner gives me a holistic understanding of people beyond our minds.   I use this to help clients pinpoint the source of their struggles, how it impacts their bodies, hearts, and energy, and clear emotional blockages.


16 weekly 60-minute Zoom sessions to support you in each step of your writing project.

What’s included:

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  • Personalized mentoring/coaching to support you in your journey towards a more inspired and enlivened writing
  • Writing prompts and exercises to help you to tell your stories and find your truth.
  • Customized homework assignments curated to help you make progress and maintain momentum on your own between sessions.
  • Guidance in creating a personalized map towards what gives you deeper meaning, purpose, and connection in life.
  • Visualization, guided meditation, somatic exercises, coaching tools, neuro linguistic programming, and storytelling structures, as needed, to support your creative process.
  • Support setting goals and getting clear on your mission, vision, values, and desires for your story.
  • Collaboration through Google drive. 
  • 15 minute review of homework and any documents that would support our work between sessions.

Program price: $1600.  Monthly plans available: $400/month through PayPal.

Do you want support with your writing?

I hope you’re ready to feel good about your writing project and working together. If you are, please do the following to see if we’re the right fit. 

  1. Fill out the application form about your interest in the program.
  2. You’ll hear back from me through email to set up a free 30-minute consultation call. 
  3. During this consultation call, we’ll make sure this program is a good fit.  You’ll get to ask any questions you have.
  4. If you’re ready to get started, we’ll go over the next steps for intake and/or may also schedule your first session.  If this isn’t a good fit or you don’t want to go through with the program, I can refer you to other resources.


Please contact me. I welcome your inquiry.