Write Your Book

Express your unique story and bring your gift into the world!
Complete your book with guided support in a 3-6 month writing journey.

During your journey, we will explore the following:

  • What is your vision for your book? Why do you feel called to bring this story to the world?
  • Your writing style, including observations around achieving a state of flow in creativity. What conditions are you most productive in?
  • Your current stage in developing your book and any steps you’ve already taken.
  • What you require to complete your book. Ex: time, organization, feedback.
  • Your limiting beliefs. Logistics you’re concerned about around writing, editing, or publishing.
  • Where you find inspiration. What inspires you to follow your dreams.
  • The effect you envision your book to have in the world.

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I was feeling overwhelmed with getting my book proposal ready for submission and sought out Malar’s help. She did a great job editing my proposal, and I really appreciated her thoughtful and clear suggestions. I benefited from her support and know that my book proposal is in much better shape because of her assistance. I’m excited to share it with the publisher!

Nicole Connell
Educational Therapist, San Jose, California

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