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Working on a writing project but feeling stuck? Find your words and creative passion.

Writing can be fun and feel really good. And it may not always be like that.

Benefits from writing coaching include:

  • Completing your project (book, memoir, personal essay, fictional story…)
  • Finding your own voice
  • Clearing through blocks
  • Learning logistics
  • Guidance to get started

Malar is a great editor, wise on the tiny details to the flow as well as the heart intention.

Finishing a writing project can be difficult. Writing seems like an easy thing, but so many factors can get in the way — time, valuing your writing, not feeling inspired, not feeling confident in yourself as a writer…

You may have tried taking classes and exchanging peer feedback, but didn’t receive the deeper individualized support and accountability it can take to thrive as a writer.

Principles guiding my work:

  1. Trust. Trust in yourself that you have what it takes. Sometimes writing is about surrendering and allowing it to happen, not forcing it.
  2. Magic and mystery. There is magic and mystery in creation — you can lean into it.
  3. You don’t need to be published or seek the publishing route to have an important story.
  4. Purpose, outcome, and value-seeking can kill the drive. Being in passion and the energy of creativity, playfulness, fun supports writing.
  5. Each writer is different. Some things work well for some, others for others.
  6. You don’t have to struggle alone.

I loved the sessions! I was a little worried at first how helpful it would be but once we broke the ice and I sent you my manuscript, everything went smoothly. The advice ended up working quite well and really improved the writing. I loved how you didn’t force me to accept any suggestions but let the work ultimately be my own even as you helped me refine it. I won the contest I submitted it to, so I think the result was great! I also felt a lot better about my work because having someone not an immediate family member give me pointers was incredibly powerful and validating. Also, I learned that editing is more fun than people say!


Choose your project:

Short Term Project:
e.g. Personal Essay, Admission Essay, Letter, Email, Short Story
Primarily editing; coaching support available if needed.
Billed by project in .25 increments, invoiced at completion.

Long Term Project:
e.g. Nonfiction Book, Memoir, Novel, Fictional Story Collection
Combination of coaching, mentoring, and editing.
8 month package with 2 Zoom sessions/month.
Additional editing billed per hour, invoiced monthly.

Your edits are so great. You hold the purpose of my writing, and help make the paragraphs, sentences, and grammar stronger. Many thanks!

Sondra Kornblatt

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