Writing Class: Story Journeying

contemplative spiritual human seeking spiritual connection through writing

Writing roots you into your inner wisdom and unearths your story. It opens your creative flow and strengthens your spiritual relationship.

The problem is, you may be blocking yourself from your own story, as well as the ocean of juicy creative magic available to you.

You may have tried learning skills to feel more confident in creativity and expression.

But you lose your voice trying to follow the rules, templates, teachings, and “shoulds.”

Maybe the belief that writing is only purposeful if it’s published for others holds you back.

You also may have tried writing on your own in the safety of your own space and a private document. Even then, your protective critic judges you (so others never get the opportunity).

You’re afraid of what may come out, and what that says about you. So you sabotage yourself.

You know you have a voice but you need help. You want to know you’re not alone.

You want to find the company of other like-minded individuals.

Sound familiar?

As a spiritual being having a human experience, sometimes you need a break from the physical world. Then you find respite, creativity, and solace in the spiritual one.

write your story

It’s not actually about your confidence or skills, but your connection to self.

You need to give yourself permission to open a direct channel to your inner divine.

So you can root into the stories of who you are, energized by the truth of your wholeness.

There is no shame in whatever comes out of your pen. It reflects something about you and can always be deepened. Here’s the path to find comforting acceptance wherever you are.

You can
Trust the process; be open to what comes through.
Allow your intuition to guide you to creative flow.
Immerse yourself in the catharsis of full expression.
Acknowledge what it means with compassion.
Tell the story.

This class offers just that: 6 weeks of permission to show up fully in the journey to your story.

Story journeying is the spiritual act of calling in the story that
wants to come through and the healing catharsis of writing it.
Allow, acknowledge, and accept whatever it is.
Whether it’s a personal narrative or fictional story, it’s welcome here.

“I joined Malar’s Story Journeying class because I hadn’t been executing my writing goals.

Plus, I wanted to connect with other writers and was curious about the course’s unique feel.

Before beginning, I worried that I might not walk away with much writing, but I was very wrong!

The experience was fantastic.

My favorite part was how deeply I was able to relax and release my inhibitions as a result of her meditations and calm, judgment-free presence.

I connected with a higher part of myself and wrote so freely and playfully in a way I very rarely have done.

More than that, I felt the difference between head and heart writing more clearly than I have in the past, which is a lesson I now use in all of my writing.

After taking the class, I felt excited, hopeful, and appreciated.

I have 5000 words of raw writing to play with, and I know that I can’t just schedule solo writing time on my calendar and expect it to happen. Thank you, Malar!

Mandy Kubicek

Beginning and occasional writers welcome. Open to all levels. You don’t have to be “creative.” You don’t have to be a “good writer.” If you love personal development and writing, this class is for you.

we are all made of stories

You are encouraged to be open to whatever story wants to be told. You will be guided to choose the story in your highest good, aligned to your healing intention.

This may be a personal narrative or fictional story. It may even be written in free verse.

What you get: Guided meditations, tools to unlock wisdom, writing prompts, developmental guidance, opportunities to ask questions, group support, accountability, and time to write.

  • Practice tools to open your intuition.
  • Discover hidden aspects of yourself.
  • Cultivate skills that go beyond the story.
  • Heal through the catharsis of telling the story.

Deepen your relationship to yourself through the act of writing your story.

“I loved the class!

I joined for personal time, self care, and the desire to make sense of my writing these last 10 years.

I totally hesitated because I’ve never attended a writing class and am not a professional writer. I was worried I’d be the odd man out.

It helped to see I’m not the only one experiencing things.

I now feel more confidence in the value of my writing.

A highlight to me was the meditations.

I feel good and happier about writing now.


Course Outline

Week 1:
Access your inner wisdom.
Explore your relationship to your stories, creativity, inner fire.

Week 2:
Open to possibilities.
Brainstorm what intrigues and enthuses you with your inner child.

Week 3:
Focus, make a choice, commit.
Pick an idea to explore and create a plan so you have a sense of where you’re going, but aren’t blocked in with expectations.

Week 4:
Engage in the work with compassion.

Week 5:
Carry through to completion.

Week 6:
Identify the heart of your story, insights, and next steps.
The meta: process the learning, share, and discuss takeaways.

Engage deeply with your full-bodied writing presence.

“I wanted to take this class due to disappointment with my inability to establish a writing discipline; procrastination and perfectionism.

The class was wonderful – perfect balance of guided meditation and sharing.

Too many things to mention as a result – but all converging on self-generosity and self-respect.

Wonderful group of writers.”

Alisha Johnson Perry

Frequently Asked Questions

writing class format

How does it work?

Typical class format consists of guided meditation, brief teaching/exercise, writing prompts, writing time, sharing, and discussion.

Time will be available for questions if you get stuck. Though it would be nice to see your face, you may keep your camera off for any part of the class. You may opt out of sharing your writing if it doesn’t feel right that day.

Will I complete my story?

There is no expectation to complete your story by the end of class, though it is possible. There is also no homework assigned formally. You are encouraged to practice applying the tools between classes, but committing extra time outside of class is not required. There will be time to write during class.

Will I receive feedback on my writing?

Since this class is geared towards the raw process of writing the story, formal feedback and revision isn’t built in. Learn about feedback and support tailored to your needs here.

Will I be welcomed in this class?

This class is great for beginners as well as people who are experienced because it’s about your relationship with your inner spiritual self. Even if this is your first time writing a story, you are welcome.

What is the outcome of attending this class?

You will practice tools for opening your intuition, experience catharsis in telling the story, and cultivate skills that go beyond the story. Regardless of what story shows up, how far you get in writing it, and the quality of your writing, you will walk away with a stronger connection to your story, and yourself. You will also be clear on how to integrate the experience and your next steps.

About Malar

Malar helps people who want to connect to their inner wisdom and tell their stories. Since 2008, Malar has worked with writers in every messy step of the creation process. With a degree in psychology, Malar is a certified coach and writing instructor.

She is passionate about delving deep into the story underneath the story—the root cause of the struggle with creative expression—so you can feel good about yourself in communication, and in life.

Malar’s quiet strength made me feel safe and supported to explore the areas that I’ve hidden away for so long.

Her genuine curiosity about my most authentic self helped me to become curious about myself as well instead of devolving into self-judgment.

As a result, I was able to embrace the dark areas of my “shadow self,” freely express my desires, and openly share my inner light.

Bring your whole creative self to uncover unexpected depths.


Thursdays, March 3, 2022 – April 7, 2022
4:30-6 PM Pacific / 6:30-8 PM Central / 7:30-9 PM Eastern

$180 through PayPal.

Registration deadline February 24, 2022.

To register:

1. Submit registration form above with your name and email. Your information will only be used to contact you about this class. 2. Click the “Pay with PayPal” button below to pay through PayPal by 2/24/21. 3. You will receive the Zoom link through email after submitting payment. Please contact me if you haven’t received the Zoom link by February 24, 2022.


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