Write Your Story

Your transformative experience is part of you. It’s linked inextricably with who you are. Your story defines how you show up in your business/career, relationships, and body. It expresses your values and purpose. It can change your trajectory and shift what you understand of your purpose and the world.

You can choose your story. You can help people who are going through struggles similar to what you have overcome. But first, you have to sit with what is.

You will walk away from these one-hour virtual Zoom sessions with:

  • A written piece: blog post, memoir, personal essay, fictional story, other piece of writing.
  • A better understanding of your purpose, values, who you are, so you can live in YOUR story, not someone else’s.
  • Integration of your Before and After.
  • Feeling energized, your creative power activated.

With a background in psychology, coaching, and teaching expressive and creative writing, I guide you in examining your transformative experience so you can write your story. You can share it publicly, with those in your inner circle, or keep it private to yourself.

You are a writer or someone who processes through writing.

Schedule a free call to see if this is a good fit for you.

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