Gratitude Writing

Gratitude is a powerful tool to cultivate intrinsic joy. Joy is associated with resilience, health, wellbeing, optimism, and success in all parts of life.

Practice self-compassion and experience connection through introspective gratitude writing exercises. Participants reflect on what they are grateful for and things within themselves that they appreciate. There are opportunities to share, connect with others, and explore how gratitude can contribute to your everyday life. Participants walk away from this workshop with tools to tap into their own intrinsic joy.


Mindfulness Writing

If you are seeking to escape self-defeating mental patterns and increase your resilience in the face of stress, then a mindfulness practice may be for you. Writing is an excellent way to access mindfulness and establish or enhance your mindfulness practice. Come in with curiosity and openness. Experience soothing mindfulness exercises to increase self-awareness, acceptance, creativity, well-being, and regulate emotion and attention. You will take home a writing practice that will help you consciously embody mindfulness in your daily life.

Soul Journaling Journey

Writing is meditative; journaling can set you free. Deep dive into writing prompts designed to unlock wisdom. Flow into creativity, observe patterns, and reach insights. Celebrate your essence, integrating your parts to feel whole. Explore the healing power of writing as authentic expression. Then speak your truth, claiming your power through voice by optionally sharing your story in sacred circle.