Time To Write

When you want to be productive in writing, sometimes getting started and finding the motivation is the hardest thing. That “I don’t wanna!” feeling can be the toughest inner battle. Even when you know it won’t be so bad once you begin and start feeling the inspiration to continue.

On the flip side, you can get so lost in your work, you lose track of time, leading to physical aches from being locked in one position. And there’s times when you just need to get the writing done “good enough” to call it complete and move on without spending hours on it.

Maybe you’ve tried scheduling writing time into your calendar. But you end up doing everything but writing.

Or you’ve tried writing whenever creativity strikes. But this means you sleep late and keep odd hours. Maybe you go so hard and fast during those inspiration flashes that you become too depleted to do anything else.

You need a combination of:

  • Accountability
  • Structure
  • Companionship
  • Motivation

After all, time boundaries can help with both productivity and creativity. Just imagine what you’re capable of with deadlines. Clarifying your intention is powerful. And while writing is a solitary act, it can really help to have company while you work on your own thing.

Time to Write provides all of these to help you make progress with your writing so you can go from passion to completion.

How it works

  • Arrive, take a breath to center. Check in.
  • Share your intention of what you’ll work on.
  • 30 minutes to write.
  • 5 minute break. Stretch, blink, move around. Check-in.
  • 30 minutes to write.
  • Closing. Check-out, share how it went. Celebrate your progress!

You can work on any type of writing. Fiction, professional writing, poetry, journaling, it’s all welcome; it’s your time. There won’t be feedback or sharing of the writing itself.

You may be surprised by how productive you can be!


1st and 3rd Monday starting 4/19/21.

1–2:30pm PDT
3–4:30pm Central
4–5:30pm EDT

$5-15 donation through PayPal
RSVP through Meetup
If you aren’t on Meetup, please send me a message to receive the Zoom link.