Malar’s quiet strength made me feel safe and supported to explore the areas that I’ve hidden away for so long. Her genuine curiosity about my most authentic self helped me to become curious about myself as well instead of devolving into self-judgment. As a result, I was able to embrace the dark areas of my “shadow self,” freely express my desires, and openly share my inner light. Thanks, Malar!

Nicole Lim, Ecommerce Consultant


Since beginning my work with Malar, she has helped me gain a stronger sense of stillness, calm, and awareness. She is an exceptional listener and allowed me to explore my needs in a way that I felt understood without passing judgment. Malar helped me access my powerful state in a way that was truly authentic to me. She made me feel very supported and championed in the attainment of my goals.

Kimberly McDermott, PhD


Working with Malar is a joyful and rewarding experience. Her coaching and feedback helped me find the essence of my message, as well as improve the quality and impact of my writing. Her guidance helped me create articles that generated more traffic, increased social media engagement, and improved turnout at our special events.

Malar is a highly accomplished coach. Her presence and listening skills are superb. She was many times able to get my non-verbal cues, address them and move the conversation ahead. Malar’s presence was very powerful. She also has a fabulous way of articulating her thoughts. She helped me get a better perspective on my coaching challenge.

Latif Nathani



Malar is very understanding and calm. Malar speaks clearly and concisely. She has been really supportive. Malar held me accountable during the process. She would always remember what we discussed in previous sessions and focus on what I want to accomplish. She also granted me the opportunity to make all the decisions, from what to focus on, to where to explore. From being coached by Malar, I learned how powerful it is to account for all my successes.

Patrick Herran

378556daa618d4d2pMalar is a very effective, patient and conscientious coach. She is a good active listener. As a result of coaching with Malar, I learned how to recognize and appreciate the progress I was making however small it may be.

Baker Maggwa


What participants have said about Malar’s workshops:

“Great workshop! This was much more than I expected.”

“This was wonderful; thank you. I got a lot out of it and feel inspired to continue.”

“The pacing and integration of mindfulness techniques was really appreciated. Thank you.”

“I really enjoyed the “gratitude wall” and am looking forward to doing more with it.”

“I loved this session because it taught me something new about myself. Malar has an open heart, making it easier for us to be open as well.”