How It Works

Want to integrate your Before and After — to consciously create a new narrative for yourself?

You can write your story.

Outcomes Of This Work

Creative Fuel

Tap into your power to create.

Connect To Self

Harmonize all your inner voices.

Be Seen

Express who you really are once you strengthen your internal story.

Written Work

Memoir. Fictional story. Blog posts. Personal essay. Articles.

Just like the 4 stages of the writing process (brainstorm / freewrite, plan / outline, draft / write, revision to final draft)…

My approach takes you on a journey with 4 impactful milestones…

1. Awareness. Honor where you are. You will witness all your parts, even when they contradict each other, including the shame, judgement, and fear.

2. Acknowledgement. Remember who you are. You will reconnect to your inner self and express your past stories. You can’t get to the final draft without seeing the messy middle, where it all started. You will discover what’s truly yours, and what stories you’ve adopted from others that are NOT yours and no longer serve you.

3. Acceptance. Trace your hero’s journey. You will craft a full narrative that makes sense of your experience. You will no longer have to expend mental energy to figure it out. Seeing the big picture frees you from being stuck in the details. Your pain will have a place to rest with purpose as part of the whole story.

4. Application. Integrate your story. You will choose your language. You will choose how you want to define your story. Instead of fitting yourself into someone else’s story, this is where you step into being the powerful creator of your life. Now that you’re here, you can write your future.

With stable, grounded structure, support, and guidance, delve deep into your stories so you can reveal your soul’s narrative.

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Malar’s quiet strength made me feel safe and supported to explore the areas that I’ve hidden away for so long. Her genuine curiosity about my most authentic self helped me to become curious about myself as well instead of devolving into self-judgment. As a result, I was able to embrace the dark areas of my “shadow self,” freely express my desires, and openly share my inner light. Thanks, Malar!

Nicole Lim, Ecommerce Consultant

This is for you if you are:

A writer.

A non-writer who processes through writing, journaling, or speaking aloud.




Curious about what might burst forth from this process?

If you have a clear vision for your story, great!

Don’t have a clear vision but feel this resonate? That’s fine – sometimes the future vision doesn’t become clear until you start acknowledging where you are right here.

I’d be honored to hear your story.

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