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Remember the thing that changed everything? It split your life into Before and After.

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Transformative events (spiritual awakening, loss, parenthood, falling in love, trauma, etc) shape life. Some you think a lot about, and some you try not to remember. The thing is, your Before AND your After are part of you.

The ephemeral transitional state before you really embrace your After can be disorienting and lonely. There is deep power in acknowledgement. Understanding where you are can be helpful. Then you can make sense of it and integrate the experience into your life. By telling the whole story, there is space for the pain to rest with purpose. A more connected version of yourself can emerge.

You can consciously create a new narrative. It may be messy; it may be a work-in-progress, but you can embrace your story and find your voice.

My approach takes you on a journey with 4 impactful milestones following the creative writing process (brainstorm, plan, write, revise):

1. Awareness. Honor where you are. Witness all your parts, even when they contradict each other, including the fear, judgement, and shame.

2. Acknowledgement. Remember who you are. You can’t get to the final draft without seeing the messy middle and where it all started. Discover what’s truly yours, and what stories no longer serve you.

3. Acceptance. Trace your hero’s journey. Craft a full narrative to make sense of your experience. Seeing the big picture frees you from being stuck in the details.

4. Application. Define your story. Choose your language. Instead of fitting yourself into someone else’s story, this is where you step into being the powerful creator of your life. Now that you’re here, you can write your future. Can sharing your story help others?

Malar’s quiet strength made me feel safe and supported to explore the areas that I’ve hidden away for so long.

Nicole Lim

Since beginning my work with Malar, she has helped me gain a stronger sense of stillness, calm, and awareness.

Kimberly McDermott, PhD

Individual sessions are held virtually through Zoom.
8 session package; weekly or every other week sessions.
I read your writing between sessions, and respond when meeting.

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