Using the 3 A’s in Mindfulness Writing Practice

Here are some writing prompts to use in a daily writing routine. This practice can support you to attune with what is real, true, and present for you in the moment. Becoming present with body, emotions, and thoughts with equanimity is valuable for consciously living with peace and freedom from mind traps. I am awareContinue reading “Using the 3 A’s in Mindfulness Writing Practice”

What are the 3 A’s of Mindfulness Writing?

Awareness is the experience of becoming conscious about reality. This can use the 5 senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting). It can also involve emotions and thoughts. Acknowledgement is the act of recognizing awareness. Writing is a powerful tool for acknowledgement because we’re forced to bring names to things and acknowledge them as we write.Continue reading “What are the 3 A’s of Mindfulness Writing?”

“Acceptance” in Mindfulness Writing

Acceptance is not the same as approval. Acceptance does not mean consenting to suffering. Just because something is “real,” I don’t have to like it, approve it, or leave it as it is. Acceptance is a valuable experience. It allows me to understand what is true right now. With this, I can then formulate aContinue reading ““Acceptance” in Mindfulness Writing”