Journey to Connection 

A personalized 1:1 coaching program for those who’ve always felt different and struggle with feeling disconnected.

The most satisfying connections start with your internal relationship to yourself.  Owning your own experience eases the way to fulfilling communication and sharing your truth with raw authentic vulnerability.  A powerful way of finding connection for the disparate parts inside you as well as situations with other people is through writing.  This program is designed to give you the personal support you need and heal your internal relationship first so you can set the stage for creating better external connections.  

Writing Reconnection 

A customized 1:1 writing support program to help you complete your creative project and get it out into the world.  

In creativity, you need different things at different times.  This program is designed to support you wherever you’re at with your project.  Depending on what you need, you’ll receive a combination of encouragement, deep listening, craft skill building, accountability, gentle coaching for emotional blocks, and hands-on feedback. You’ll come to trust yourself and start taking the steps you need to to complete your project and share it in the way that feels right for you. 


Writing feedback and editing to help you polish your draft and have the impact you intend.


Connect to your inner wisdom and your writing through reflective and illuminating events in the company of like-minded others.

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