My Philosophy

Writing has resonance

Words don’t just make up thoughts; they have feeling.  Writing from this feeling is universally connecting.  This resonance is how people connect in a way that feels juicy and alive.  Words transmit energy.  When you write from a place of aliveness and pure joy, other people can feel it too.

The head often gets in the way with overintellectualizing, making it more difficult to express the heart.  It’s easier to make a heartful, resonant text easy to read and clear of mechanical errors than to inject heartful, resonant feeling into dull, lifeless words.

When the words are right, you feel it.  Your heart sings.

Write what’s alive in you

This is what’s needed most in the world.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be what someone else told you to do.  Write for you. 

Writing is healing

The act of writing integrates your thoughts and feelings, and provides catharsis.  It helps in letting go, and calling new beliefs and ways of being into life.

It allows catharsis and freedom.

Writing is personal and vulnerable

When you’ve intentionally poured your heart and soul, time and energy into your words, it feels really vulnerable to have them witnessed.  The words you choose are an expression of yourself.

Write for inner satisfaction first, and the rest falls into place

Write for an inner calling rather than to impress others or because someone told you you should write a book, and you’ll find satisfaction.

Writing is a sacred, spiritual act

There’s more to writing than the words. Writing is a way to translate inner guidance, channeling your higher self and spiritual guides.  It is a way to express intuitive messages.  To claim the various parts of yourself. Being receptive lets you tell the story that needs to be told, which may be different than the one you think you should tell.

Stories change lives

Story is how we connect

Writing is a powerful healing and communication tool.  It connects us to our inner truths. 

By listening to our own stories, and others’, there can be deep healing as we remember we are not alone. 

Story lets us understand each other, communicate authentically, and embrace our universal messy humanness.  

In this program, you’ll use storytelling, journaling, creative writing, and writing prompts to help you get to know yourself better and increase your connection with yourself and the world.

Creativity opens the door to new possibilities

Creativity is a source of passion, magic, mystery, and meaning in life. 

We are all creators; we create using words, language, and actions.  Passion drives creativity.

When we are creating, we are receptive to the magic and mystery of the creative process, as well as the unformed vision.  

We allow the energizing energy of creativity to guide us to unexpected depths.

Your story matters.

Your story is a gift to a world that needs to hear alternate perspectives to the dominant narratives. The world needs to hear from the people who’ve been invisible and othered for too long. To read their story and walk in their shoes for greater understanding of variances from the norm.

You are unique and a gift to the world. You get to take up space just because you exist, same as a flower or tree.

Writing is subjective, not objective

There is standardization, but there’s no way to guarantee results.  There are templates, guides, grammar rules, etc, but different things resonate for different people.  Different styles of writing serve different purposes.

Different pieces have different purposes

It’s most important to look at what you’re trying to do, what you want to do, what you’re here to do.  You may have a message that doesn’t fit the standards, and that’s okay.

Bodies of writing are one piece.  You might change your mind about something in the future.  A single piece exists as a whole, but it does not have to be everything.

There’s no universal “good” versus “bad” writing  

Or “right” versus “wrong.”  These words just serve to understand what is valued and desired.

There’s no guarantees in writing  

That others will like it, that you’ll be accepted by a publisher or editor.  That you’ll achieve acceptance, appreciation, fame, or money from your writing.

Philosophy Around Life

Magic and mystery is essential

Magic exists in the world; all you have to do is notice and acknowledge it.

I believe in magic and the search for deeper meaning, because this is the type of world I want to live in.

Nature has symbolism.  Divine messages appear through synchronicities, animals, symbolism, and response to your questions.

You don’t have to do it all alone; you can partner with the universe to co-create your life. 

Intuitive messages and spiritual guidance are available to all

All exists in divine timing.

Our story includes where we came from

Our ancestors are part of our story.  So is our family history, our environment, our [multiple] culture[s], our earth etc.  We are not single autonomous beings; we are connected by nature.

Untold stories make us sick

When we don’t speak our truth, or suppress difficult old memories, this can manifest as stomachaches, general pains, depression, and anxiety.  Secrets make us sick.  These things we’ve hidden because we were shamed and blamed niggle at us.  Bitter regret for missed opportunities is sour and constant.

Representation matters

When we don’t see characters like us in mainstream media, we are invisible.  We are misunderstood.  We are othered.  We are considered abnormal.  We are shamed and blamed for being ourselves, and not fitting in with the cultural narrative.

Write the world we want to live in

It’s okay to be visionary, idealistic, emotional.  

The world is in need of more people like this to step up and claim their gifts to make the world a better place for now and future generations.

You don’t have to always conform if you’re meant to help usher in a new way of being and doing.

Being is essential, in addition to doing

The constant striving and perfectionistic conditioning of mainstream society is unhealthy and creates health problems.  

Emotions are a universal language

Your emotions are an important part of you.  They are a pathway to your inner truth, informing your likes, dislikes, desires, and regrets, which in turn helps shape the life you want. 

Welcoming all your feelings (including joy, sadness, fear, and anger) instead of avoiding them opens you up to greater richness. 

The more we understand and healthily express our emotions, the more we can understand and deeply connect with others.

I work with you to use your emotions and body sensations as an intuitive compass. 

Suppressed, unprocessed feelings come out sideways

It’s good to feel feelings, and work with body sensations and emotions to soothe the nervous system.  Creating a space where these feelings can be felt and understood.

Life purpose relates to soul aliveness

I believe there is purpose to life. When you are following what’s alive within you, you are on track with your life’s purpose.

Limitations and life purpose

What we’re here to do doesn’t always have anything to do with our limitations.  In fact, our limitations can help guide us to our soul purpose.

Your differences have a higher purpose

Knowing your purpose creates a fulfilling life. 

It can give meaning to past challenges around your differences and help you transmute and draw inspiration from your sacred wounds instead of being trapped by your previous suffering. 

You can find peace within yourself when you make purposeful choices for your life. 

In this program, I work with you to uncover the role your differences have played in your life and discover what might be possible in the future.

Conditioning creates a real struggle to hear one’s own voice 

We’ve been conditioned to NOT follow our creative instincts and write what lights us up

We’ve all had our papers marked up in red ink, letting us know what’s acceptable and what’s not.

External conditioning comes from societal programming (e.g. don’t be too emotional), cultural expectations (e.g. put others first), family agreements (e.g. she’s the creative one, he’s the smart one), school systems (grades rule “good” and “bad” writing competency and certain types of writing are rewarded while inconvenient creativity is punished), deficit model in U.S. healthcare system (holds the belief that being outside the norm means something is wrong and needs to be fixed; an authority is looked to for healing).

There may have also been a lack of attuned support, active suppression, rejection by others when sharing a creative product, or preverbal or ancestral trauma.

Conditioning leads to shame and disconnect from the body, which creates a struggle to translate inner guidance

We all have inner guidance, or intuition.  It is usually understood through body sensations and emotions.  This is like a personal GPS system.  Handy, right?

Yet many of us have to relearn how to translate the messages we hear, and rediscover how to be open and receptive to these messages if we’ve actively suppressed them in the past.

We might value or listen to our intellectual side more than our emotional body or inner child.  This can show up as a battle between head versus heart.  

Given all that impacts us consciously and unconsciously, it’s no wonder why we might struggle to know who we are, be ourselves, find our voice, and follow what lights us up in our creativity.

Communication can be poison or medicine

Both through the way you speak to yourself and how you express yourself to others.  

Communication can be used to allow your true intention to come across.  It can be thoughtful, tactful, and diplomatic.  

Or it can take the form of barbs, harming yourself or others.  Unsaid (but felt).  Internalized (self-blame or shame).  Verbalized (spoken from a place of woundedness, anger with the intent to hurt, or over-intellectualization.)

When you name the truth you feel, there’s a release  

A smile, laughter, tears, tingles, shivers, softness and openness in the body.  

This happens both when you speak your truth verbally, and when you write it down.

This is what we’re going for.  This release makes space for beautiful new possibilities, often beyond what you can imagine.

Does this resonate?

If these principles make sense to you and you feel aligned with these words, you’re likely a good fit with my programs. I invite you to discover the ways we can work together.

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