My Approach

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There is so much more to the written word.

Taking a step-by-step approach in writing doesn’t always work.

Especially for creative, emotional, visceral, visionary, out-of-the-box people who operate differently. 

It can be boring or feel impossible.

When writing isn’t working, the process may be at odds with your natural style or core values.

It makes sense your process isn’t working if it goes against your body’s truth or soul’s desires.

I take a body, heart, and soul-centered customized approach.

In this work, you as the creator, or creative artist, are central.  You are unique.  This work is tailored to you.  We look at the story beneath the story.  We discover the story that your soul wants you to tell. We seek to gain an awareness of what you like, what you want, what you are naturally good at.  We seek to discover your personal style.  We seek to identify and celebrate your gifts.  We take into account any real limitations you have.  From here, we create a writing piece and match the piece to a container. 

My approach is a unique one I’ve developed after working with writers since 2008 on all types of writing projects after I saw traditional top-down writing approaches didn’t always work. 

The step-by-step method that seemed perfectly rational–choose a topic, write from beginning to end, revise–caused frustration and dissatisfaction, leading many people to feel like something was wrong with them for being unable to complete their writing.

Especially for creative people who are innovative, sensing-over-analyzing, and emotionally-driven. 

Their big ideas, feelings, and processing styles got in the way of linear creative methods.  They struggled to set and achieve realistic writing goals.  They quickly became overwhelmed.  They couldn’t see how to move forward on their own. 

Those with physical, time, or energy limitations needed more flexibility and customization when their bodies or lives didn’t let them write the way they wanted to.  

I’ve been here too.  I believe in taking a holistic, intentional, body-heart-mind-soul approach because this is where the magic really happens. It works with each person’s inherent strengths instead of forcing them into a mold that doesn’t feel intuitive and organic. We combine the best of structure and freedom.


The path: How we work with writing

(Awareness) We choose to pursue ideas that feel expansive and energizing in the body.  We are aware of our feelings and body sensations in addition to our thoughts.

(Expression) We allow ourselves to create messy first drafts.  We try things out that are imperfect to provide valuable information.

(Introspection) We track our projects and log our progress.  We see what works and what doesn’t to improve future outcomes.  We value the process and allow the outcome to unfold.

The approach: Intuitively-grounded, body-centered, journey-based

Intuitively Grounded

I focus on helping clients put inner satisfaction first, knowing that this is most important, and everything else tends to fall in place once you’re in alignment with your soul and feeling joy.  Inner wisdom provides valuable insight in every situation that arises.

Body Centered

I focus on the body’s truth. Our bodies have a lot to say, when we give them voice and listen.

Journey Based Destination 

I focus on the journey, not the outcome.  This leads to a better outcome. 

Safety comes first

Safety means being able to consciously relax the body.  This is the first step before delving into stories ripe with past pain.  This way, when things get tough, you control the intensity and remain in the captain’s seat through the inevitably choppy waves of life.

There’s an intention not to bypass here.  Avoiding often makes what you’re suppressing come out sideways.  At the same time, we’re not going to sadistically poke and prod at your tender hidden parts (y’know, unless that’s your thing).  You don’t have to voyeuristically air out your story to me or to the public before you’re ready.  Your rawness is for your eyes only.  Your personal stories can stay private.

Creativity isn’t linear

We follow a cyclical, spiral process. Ever deepening, it’s a spiritual path to become more fully yourself in your writing.

Your gifts, desires, and style define your process

I believe everyone has inherent gifts, and these gifts can be used in writing. It’s hard to see what they are and how to match your gifts with the process. That’s where I come in. A human highlighter, helping you see what makes you stand out so you can apply your gifts even to your challenges.

We can’t all be good at everything. Someone who’s good at details can have trouble seeing the big picture. And vice versa. You can have the support you need; you don’t need to do it alone.

Structure is a vital foundation

Creativity thrives with containers and limits.

In order to think outside the box, you need to know where the box begins and ends.

You can create your own structure, based on personal reflection of what worked well and what didn’t.

You are the authority

I see my role as your writing guide, not a writing authority.  Many people want to know whether their writing is “good” or “bad.”  My focus is on helping you find words for your experience, tell your story, find more ease in the creative process, and connect with your desired reader, if your intent is to share your writing.  My goal is to help you find your own answers, and provide guidance and support as needed to aid in this.

Does this resonate?

If this approach is intriguing, you’re likely a good fit with my programs. I invite you to discover the ways we can work together.

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