Is This You?

You write (or want to write). Personal narratives, fictional stories, essays, book, ebook, copy for your website, blog posts, even emails and admission essays.

Whether or not you call yourself a writer (and whether you love writing), you have a need or desire to communicate through the written word. You are a beginning writer, occasional writer, write out of necessity, or an experienced writer requiring an objective perspective.

You find yourself sabotaging yourself: Dread getting started, wonder who you are to think you can do this, busy yourself with everything but the writing, lose yourself in editor-mode for days, try to blend with those around you, worry about what others will think, wait for validation and approval.

Writing is vulnerable.

Feeling uncomfortable in your story can mean you lock down your voice. You might even hide from yourself out of the fear of how others will perceive you. When you’re in your own head about your words, you receive feedback that others don’t understand you, which is lonely and isolating.

You struggle…

at the beginning.

  • Have a clear vision but struggle getting started.
  • Have ideas, but not sure how to take them forward.
  • Hear an inner whisper saying your story is important, but have trouble finding time.

in the middle.

  • Having doubts.
  • Not feeling as excited as when you started.
  • Get jarred out of the flow state.
  • Experiencing writer’s block.

near the end.

  • Ready to polish the writing for your audience.
  • Dreading revisions.
  • Requiring feedback to ensure the content is landing as you intend.

I help in all stages of your writing project.

I can also help you navigate the cathartic healing process of writing your transformative story.

Your personal story affects how you show up in the world. Your story informs your life and how your life has informed your story. You can align your life to the story you want to tell.

Writing about trauma can be incredibly healing. Transformative events (spiritual awakening, loss, parenthood, falling in love, trauma, etc) shape life. Some you think a lot about, and some you try not to remember. The thing is, your Before AND your After are part of you. The ephemeral transitional state before you really embrace your After can be disorienting and lonely. There is deep power in acknowledgement. Understanding where you are can be helpful. Then you can make sense of it and integrate the experience into your life. By telling the whole story, there is space for the pain to rest with purpose. A more connected version of yourself can emerge. You can consciously create a new narrative. It may be messy; it may be a work-in-progress, but you can embrace your story and find your voice.

Avoiding communicating can be easier in the short term, but the weight of unsaid words and denied feelings can leave you drowning decades later. Get clear on what you need to say in order to express yourself with kindness and internal power.

My approach works well if we speak the same language. You are compassionate, warm, introspective, curious, and self-aware. Writing plays some role in your life, whether you journal or enjoy reading. You value the creative process and your own story.

You know writing is a process that takes time and multiple drafts; it isn’t realistic to complete a draft and expect it to be ready to publish immediately. You’re not looking for a quick fix, unless you’ve worked on your craft for some time and are in the final editing stages. You understand coaching is collaborative.

Whether you are new to writing, or seasoned with telling your story, you are curious and passionate about honing your language and exploring the inner stories beneath the story you want to tell.

I especially enjoy teaming up with change-makers, healers, and entrepreneurs who aspire to do good. Those who want to inspire, nourish, and unite their readers. Who know that healing themselves and owning their story in all their vulnerability allows others to do the same. Who are harnessing the courage to step into the power of their unique stories, and telling stories that need to be heard. Who are committing to doing the inner work, and listening to their own inner truth.

Representation matters. I welcome diversity.

Does this sound like you?

If so, I could help you discover methods that work best for you so you can feel happier and more satisfied with your writing, while staying true to who you are and understanding yourself on a deeper level.

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