Free One Sentence Pitch Guide

A one sentence pitch is a compass, containing intrigue and inviting curiosity.  

Creating a one sentence pitch does more than help you talk about your story with others–it helps you make sense of your own story.  It can serve as a compass to create the structure of the story. It is typically the first step I guide my clients with during their revision process. 

Are you having any of these problems?

compass for how to write a one sentence pitch

You don’t know where or how to focus your ideas or draft. You struggle with plot and structural decisions when drafting. You don’t feel like there is enough tension in the plot. You are overwhelmed with where to start your revisions.

You have a hard time seeing the big picture. The primary conflict driving the story isn’t clear. You can’t succinctly identify a major problem or goal for your protagonist.

You struggle to put words to your story and communicate what it’s about in a way that others can understand. You hem and haw when someone asks what your writing is about. You get flustered because your description of your piece doesn’t capture what makes it special. You struggle to understand the essence of your story yourself, getting tangled in the threads.

All of these challenges are normal in writing, whether you’re a beginner or have been writing for some time.

A one sentence pitch is beneficial in any part of the writing process, whether you have a manuscript written or not yet.  

Before you start writing, it serves as a guidepost.  During your draft, it helps to better understand the core threads.  After you’ve completed a first draft, it guides your revisions.  When your piece is publish-ready, it supports you with marketing.

It’s for people in any stage of the writing process, whether you have a draft or not yet.  

As a result, you’ll have a tangible summary that lets you

  • Communicate clearly when people ask what you’re writing about.  
  • Access inspiration during pivotal choice points in plot as you’re writing.  
  • Identify the major conflicts, problems, and goals in your manuscript.
  • Refer to in order to create a structure that serves your story.  
  • Stick on the back cover of your book to catch your ideal reader’s eye.  
  • Describe your piece to others in a way they’ll understand and want to read.

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