silhouette of person under crescent moon

Do you feel “different?”

Perhaps your differences feel like an invisible burden.

You might feel lonely, watching life happen instead of engaging with it.

You may have believed your differences to be a curse.

Or felt there was something wrong with you.

You might struggle with feeling disconnected.

disconnected to story

Longing to feel creative passion and be known through your stories.

disconnected to purpose

Longing for meaning, pursuing your dreams, knowing exactly what you want. 

disconnected to inner wisdom

Hearing your body and emotions, knowing exactly what you need. 

disconnected to people

Longing for relationships where you are seen, heard, understood.

disconnected to nature

Longing for an inner aliveness and oneness with every living being.

disconnected to divine

Belonging through spirituality, ancestors, where you came from.

Connection may feel out of reach.

You might feel disconnected because you’re used to hiding your differences in order to belong or be loved. 

Afraid to be rejected or abandoned if people knew the real you.

It’s normal to feel numb, empty, or lonely sometimes.

The thing is,

regardless of your current relationship status,

number of friends, quality of family interactions,

type of work you do, health status, condition of your body…

you can feel connection.  

Connected to yourself, your story, your purpose, and your current reality. 

woman in green sweater lying on black leather couch

Even when you feel lost and alone, you are connected to the greater tapestry of life. 

You are always at the center of your own story, with the power to create your desires.

Writing can help you connect to your inner self and tell your story.

You can be seen, heard, understood, and celebrated for who you are.

I invite you to step in, feel into your resonance with these words, and explore whether this work is for you.