Free Assessment

The free assessment is a 30 minute call.

We will talk about:

  • Where you are in your journey.
  • The unique challenges you’re facing.
  • What type of support would be helpful to move forward.

This is a great way to get clarity.


When we came into this, I didn’t understand how telling you a 10 minute story could be so powerful for me. Now I’m all for it. Delving into my story — that touches everything. I got a feeling like, “I can tell her this story.” She can hold this story. A lot of people couldn’t hold that story. I’m surrounded by healers and great people but you are coming with beautiful presence. That is just gold.

Wendy R Wolf, Transformation Facilitator

Malar is a highly accomplished coach. Her presence and listening skills are superb. She was many times able to get my non-verbal cues, address them and move the conversation ahead. Malar’s presence was very powerful. She also has a fabulous way of articulating her thoughts. She helped me get a better perspective.

Latif Nathani

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