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Your Writing Is The Doorway To Your Business

Your website, newsletter, and other written material is how your customers get to know you. You want your message to be clear and you want your unique voice to shine through. 

You can’t do it alone.

A writer can’t see their writing from the reader’s perspective. While you know the intention of your own writing, you need outside help to understand how it’s landing. 

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I’ll be the mirror you need to see the reader’s perspective. I provide feedback and guidance to help you express your ideas and have the impact you intend. Since 2008, I’ve been helping improve the quality of written work, focusing on four key areas:

  • Ensuring your message serves its purpose
  • Expressing your authentic voice
  • Improving clarity, flow, and ease of readability
  • Formatting and professionalism

My approach goes beyond editing. I’ll be your mentor, helping you become a more skillful writer. Struggling to get your words out? I’ll be your sounding board and confidant. Want to get clearer on what to say? I’ll be your coach, compassionately holding space for you to find your words.

Working with Malar is a joyful and rewarding experience. Her coaching and feedback helped me find the essence of my message, as well as improve the quality and impact of my writing. Her guidance helped me create articles that generated more traffic, increased social media engagement, and improved turnout at our special events.

Chris Sims, President, Agile Learning Labs

How will we work together?

Editing is a challenging and vulnerable process. We’ve all had our papers marked up with red ink.  It can hurt to have our carefully chosen words rejected or told they are “wrong,” especially by someone we don’t know and can’t see!  Know that I’m not judging or grading you; I’m here to support and help you. Together, we can ensure your message lands effectively for your readers and serves its intended purpose.

When you’re getting set up or transitioning to something new…
You have some clarity and need more clarity to bring the words to the page or your website.
You’ll receive a combination of coaching and copy editing. We’ll look at your website copy, offerings, about page, and anything else you need to bring your business to life in a 6 session package.

When you’re established in business…
You want your written content to be more regular, or want it more polished, or want more support and another pair of eyes before it goes live.
Primarily editing; coaching support available also. Ongoing, invoiced monthly, billed in .25 increments.

When you’re writing a book (or e-book) for your business, or have another longer-term project with written content.
See Writing Coaching and Editing.

Schedule a free no-obligation 30 minute call to discuss your needs.

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