Core Principles

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My method is fully customized to your needs.  It’s designed based on these principles for heart-and-soul writing.

Safety is the container.  

Before being able to explore what’s really keeping you from feeling connected, you need to feel safe. 

You need to feel like you’re not being judged and you have the time and space to explore at your own pace.

Without safety and feeling comfortable with where you’re at, you won’t be able to connect with your inner knowing and feel satisfied with the process.  

In this program, I work with you at the speed that feels most comfortable so you can find a sense of safety within yourself.  There aren’t any predetermined milestones.

Story is how we connect.  

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Writing is a powerful healing and communication tool.  It connects us to our inner truths. 

By listening to our own stories, and others’, there can be deep healing as we remember we are not alone. 

Story lets us understand each other, communicate authentically, and embrace our universal messy humanness.  

In this program, you’ll use storytelling, journaling, creative writing, and writing prompts to help you get to know yourself better and increase your connection with yourself and the world.

Creativity opens the door to new possibilities.

Creativity is a source of passion, magic, mystery, and meaning in life. 

We are all creators; we create using words, language, and actions.  Passion drives creativity.

When we are creating, we are receptive to the magic and mystery of the creative process, as well as the unformed vision.  

In this program, we allow the energizing energy of creativity to guide us to unexpected depths.

Your body holds your soul’s truth.

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Being receptive to your body’s sensations guides you to your soul’s wisdom. 

The sense of contraction and expansion in your body provides valuable information.

When you are tuned to the subtleties, you can free yourself up from your mind’s chaos to live more fully from the heart.

You can use your body sensations to more fully express your soul’s truth.

In this program, I work with you to translate your body’s sensations to the wisdom from your soul.

Emotions are a universal language.

Your emotions are an important part of you.  They are a pathway to your inner truth, informing your likes, dislikes, desires, and regrets, which in turn helps shape the life you want. 

Welcoming all your feelings (including joy, sadness, fear, and anger) instead of avoiding them opens you up to greater richness. 

The more we understand and healthily express our emotions, the more we can understand and deeply connect with others.

In this program, I work with you to use your emotions as an intuitive compass.  

Your differences have a higher purpose.

Knowing your purpose creates a fulfilling life. 

It can give meaning to past challenges around your differences and help you transmute and draw inspiration from your sacred wounds instead of being trapped by your previous suffering. 

You can find peace within yourself when you make purposeful choices for your life. 

In this program, I work with you to uncover the role your differences have played in your life and discover what might be possible in the future. 

Does this resonate?

If these principles make sense to you and you feel aligned with these words, you’re likely a good fit with my programs. I invite you to discover the ways we can work together.

If you’re curious to know more about me first, you can read about me.

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