Working With Shame

There are two parts of working with shame. One is relational, the other is internal. Relational The relational aspect is bringing shame to the light, and sharing the vulnerability in a safe space where you can be seen and heard. Where you can experience authentic connection. Shame can’t exist in the light, where it is …

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Dancing With Shame

A rush of heat from gut to throat, like you’re going to throw up. Chest contracted, shoulders caved in, heart racing. As quick as the heat rises, it’s gone and replaced by cold. Trembling. Tightening. The worst part? You can’t let anyone else see you quake. You’ve got to hold it all in. As bad …

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Autumn Equinox Writing Prompts and Ritual

Happy Autumn Equinox! As I make it a point to celebrate each equinox and solstice of the year, I feel more in tune with the seasons and cycles of change. Life is not linear; cycles help make sense of the darkness. Just like plants and trees, as humans, we also have dormant periods.

Be Right Where You Are

A reminder for when you’re feeling a lot and struggling… You will not be in this state forever. There will be a shift.   You don’t need to plan six steps into the future, with contingency plans for each possibility. You don’t need to know. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. I know, that …

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Writing Journeys Meetup

My Meetup group, Writing Journeys, is now live! If you’re in the SF Bay, come visit me at my events. The first meeting will be on December 3, 2019.