Are We A Fit?

Your writing project speaks to your soul.

You have a story you can no longer keep silent.

Or you have an important letter, manifesto, website bio, or application essay to write.

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And your relationship with writing could be improved.

You’re a beginner with no formal writing experience.

Or you’ve been writing for years and wish for greater satisfaction with your creative process. 

You didn’t see yourself in the books you read as a child.

You’ve felt invisible because your differences, story, message, or creative process lack mainstream representation. 

You’re tired of being misunderstood because you’re different.

You need your writing process to fit your life.

One or more of these might be familiar:

  • You have chronic pain or other chronic medical conditions and wish to fit writing into your life in a way that doesn’t cause greater harm or stress.
  • You identify as quiet, shy, or introverted and long for a way to express yourself without forcing yourself to be big and loud.  You may tend to be effusive in your writing even though you require safety and comfort to express yourself verbally.  
  • You are deeply sensitive or an empath and wish to express the nuances you notice that other people disregard.
  • You are neurodivergent and want a space to hear your own voice, which takes effort because masking is second-nature to you.
  • You are a visionary who needs to balance your big dreams for bettering the world with your day-to-day routine.
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My most successful clients resonate with these values:

Intuitive and Self-Aware

You are intuitive, motivated by an internal compass and internal satisfaction. You value vulnerability.

Creative and Passionate

You find joyful purpose in creating in whatever form speaks to you at the moment.

Reflective and Growth-Focused

You enjoy deep diving into the inner work. Shining a light into your personal truth, identity, and shadows through self-exploration is radically appealing to you. You’re excited to integrate the work you’ve done on yourself and take it further.

You are seeking support and guidance more than critique. You’re willing to slow down for richness and depth instead of looking for a quick fix.


You see writing as a spiritual act. You love seeking magic and mystery in life through creativity. You are on a path towards ever-deepening self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-love.

You’re fascinated by all things magic, woo-woo, and ritual, and aren’t interested in using spirituality to bypass the hard stuff in life.  You’re no stranger to crystals, oracle cards, and astrology.

We probably won’t be a good fit if:

You’re looking for someone with traditional publishing credits to help get your writing published. I work a bit differently than industry-specific writing coaches. Read about my philosophy, approach, and core principles.

You want someone to tell you what’s “good” and “bad” about your writing or primarily want grammar support. You’re looking for someone to provide you with the answers. I can help guide you to the answers that feel right to you, but can’t tell you what’s right.

You resist receptive free-flow or structure entirely. The right balance of structure and openness is key. I take inspiration from storytelling forms in use over centuries and help you find your own best structure.

You have been recently diagnosed or have recently experienced trauma.  This work is best for those who have been managing lifelong or long-term conditions, and have already done the emotional work to come to terms with their diagnosis or raw trauma experience.

You find it difficult to follow guidance when being coached.  Or you greatly struggle to communicate and express your needs.  In coaching, you are in the driver’s seat.  

Your struggles with executive functioning prevent successful, satisfying coaching experiences.

Writing is like your least favorite vegetable; it’s completely unappealing.

We’ll get along great if you enjoy reading in the intersection of conscious wellness, psychology, personal development, memoir, and metaphysics.

You love works of authors like:

Brene Brown – shame, vulnerability, and connection

Elizabeth Gilbert – magic in creativity

Julia Cameron – writing as spiritual

Elaine Aron – the HSP trait

Sebastian Junger – belonging

Estés, Clarissa Pinkola – wild woman archetype

You’re intrigued by these:

Ted Andrews – animal symbolism

Patricia A DeYoung – treating chronic shame

Pea Horsley – animal communication

Gay Hendricks – concept of upper limiting 

Carolyn Elliott – existential kink

And memoirs like:

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Unbound: My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you are definitely not alone and may benefit from this work. It’s possible to be supported just where you are. I invite you to read more about my approach to understand how I might be able to help you.

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