Release Your Writing Flow With Curious Compassionate Conversation

Release your writing flow with this simple exercise

Do you ever feel like you’re writing for cathartic release, but can’t find the release valve?

Our brain protects us from pain by shutting down.  Writing is complete, but sometimes talking is required to get to writing.  

Maybe it feels like the record of your mind has a skip in it.  You can’t get to the rest of the song, and feel frustrated by not getting to completion.

Writing is a complete form of processing and you can release pressure through words.

However, our brain protects us from pain by shutting down.

You may notice yourself getting distant from your words.  Avoiding your writing.  Staring at your notebook until it blurs.  Detaching from the purpose behind it all.

This is because we have built-in non-conscious safety mechanisms.

These mechanisms essentially shift our focus without our awareness when we move towards any form of distress. They are non-conscious because they happen without conscious intention.

Your mind can easily come up with all kinds of ways to keep you from writing.  You could be so good at this, you can’t tell what’s happening in the moment until you find yourself knee-deep in decluttering your room or you look at the time and realize you’ve zoned out.  Running on autopilot without even being aware.

So you can’t get from point A (knowing you want to write) to point B (writing from beginning to end). Frustrating. Especially when what you want to write feels important.

Curious compassionate conversation gets you out of your head and into your body. 

When you’re present with someone, you’re also more engaged with your own body.  You might feel flashes of emotions, like a thrill of fear or a zing of excitement.

Talking is a way to find release.

This kind of exploration can be a slow and gentle release of the pressure valve, just enough to get the words flowing again.  Without throwing your body into a protective mode with more than it can handle.

This is why writing buddies, communities, or people you can comfortable share with are so valuable.

Does this sound like something you need? 

I’m offering free assessments for this type of gentle exploratory coaching.  Sometimes just the act of exploring where you are currently is enough to get unstuck. Contact me for more information.

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