Break Out of Your Daily Routine with 8 Easy Steps to Movement Meditation

Break out of your daily routine with these 8 easy steps to movement meditation.

Most of us get locked into a routine as adults.  We move through the same motions, use the same routines, and speak with the same set of words.  

Our brains prune off the pathways we don’t use regularly.  

When we move our bodies through the same movements, we forget how to move intuitively.

We disconnect from our bodies. 

When this happens, even your writing can feel bland, like you’re saying the same things over and over.  Your routines feel monotonous.

This doesn’t pair well with writing from the heart or working creatively.

A meditative practice to connect with your body.

Meditation doesn’t always have to be done in stillness.

1. Lay on the ground.

2. Take a few soothing breaths.

3. Set an intention for how you’d like to feel in your body.  E.g. connected

4. Explore that feeling.  How does it feel to be connected in your body?  Observe any sensations that make you feel connected.

5. Use simple movements to inspire intuitive movement.

1. Bend your knees and rock your hips side to side.
2. Undulate your body from feet to head, rippling through your body.
3. Tilt your head gently from side to side.
4. With each of these movements, feel your body’s weight resting on the ground.  Supported.

6. Follow your own intuitive movements to explore your body.  Just for a minute or two.  Notice where your body wants to go, and gently let the movements come from within.

7. Pause and observe.

8. Journal about the experience. In what ways have you gotten used to moving in writing and life? What are some new ways you can move that feel good?

After this practice, you may find yourself feeling a bit freer in your body.

I hope this newfound freedom of motion unlocks your writing as well.

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