6 questions to focus on when you’re worried your writing isn’t good

worried your writing isn't good

“I’m worried that my writing isn’t very good.”

This is quite common.  

It’s the cause of many internal blocks, letting you get in your own way.  

Are you comparing your writing to the books you read?

Keep in mind that the books you pull off the shelves have been through multiple edits.

Even the most seasoned writer’s first draft isn’t great.  That’s why there are revisions, and stages of editing to make the writing come alive as much as possible.

Don’t let this voice or belief that you’re not good at writing stop you.  

To stay motivated with your writing, I invite you to consider:

What does good writing mean to you? 

Knowing your personal definition can help you bring elements of this into your piece, especially when you name what’s important to you.

Why are you writing? 

What feels so important that it has you wanting to write?  Connecting to your purpose can help when you’re worried.

How can you bring your heart and unique voice more into the page?

Sometimes, asking the question is enough to bring about the answer. When you ask this question around your authentic voice, you may find that it naturally surfaces just by asking.

When have you felt really good, satisfied, connected, and joyful with your writing? 

Tapping into this place brings your words to a resonant level with your readers.

Who are you writing to? 

When you write with an audience in mind, you can sink into this powerful and direct form of conversation instead of trying to be all things to all people. 

Where can you get support to improve your writing? 

Revision is not a solitary endeavor because it’s hard to see your writing with objective, neutral eyes.  Normalize getting help, whether that’s from peers, writing classes, or working one on one with an editor or coach. 

Remember, ultimately your story is valid just as it is. 

Yes, you can take steps to make your writing more resonant and feel good to write as well as to read.  Writing is a craft to practice for continuous improvement.  It’s okay to be a beginner.  It’s normal to have doubts.  Just connect back to the most important thing–the reason you’re writing and your deeper intention for the purpose of the writing.

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I help people reconnect to themselves and tell stories that make their soul sing.

I am a certified coach, writing mentor, writer, and group facilitator who enjoys helping people who’ve felt different to write from the heart.

Since 2008, I’ve worked with writers in every messy step of the creation process. I’m passionate about delving deep into the story underneath the story — the root cause of the struggle with self-expression — so you can feel good about the results.

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