Stories the world needs most and why those undertaking self-exploration change their lives

stories the world needs
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Below is an interview I did for New Renaissance Bookstore, around my upcoming event Connection Through Story: Honor Your Differences.

Q1) How did your connection with storytelling begin?
As a voracious reader, I loved stories.  In childhood, I read books and used my imagination to tell myself stories in order to get my mind off difficulties like health challenges and anxiety.  Stories helped me make sense of the world and understand why people acted the way they did.  I wanted to discover how to alleviate the pain and suffering in my life and that of others.

Q2) Why might folks undertaking journaling and self-exploration change their lives?
The key to change is awareness.  Journaling is a way to become aware of one’s patterns, thoughts, feelings, and what these signify.  It’s a way to connect to inner wisdom and let the quiet voice within be the guide.  And find greater compassion for oneself and others.  

So often, people are living on autopilot.  Doing what’s expected and accepted, yet feeling unsatisfied and disconnected within.  By connecting with yourself through journaling, you can listen to your inner wisdom for guidance about what’s really true for you, what you want, and how to make that happen.  I’ve witnessed the seemingly simple act of courageous self-exploration create small shifts that lead to big transformations.

Q3) What kind of stories does the world need most right now?
We can always use more stories from the heart, more perspectives, and more people claiming their voice.

The collective is a tapestry of people whose stories weave together with universal threads and personal truths.  Each person may need a particular medicine at a particular time.  At one point, someone might need a story that allows them to escape while another needs to face an uncomfortable truth.  One person may need uplifting inspiration, while another needs to be challenged to dig deep and access their grit.

I feel particularly that the world needs to hear from those who’ve been invisible.  People who’ve been made to believe their voice and story doesn’t matter, isn’t allowed, or is something to be ashamed about.  Representation matters. In doing the work of claiming your voice to tell your story, you light the way for others around you to shine their light as well.  I’m here to help these stories unfold so these voices can be seen, heard, understood, and celebrated.

I invite you to check out my upcoming class to explore your stories:

Connection Through Story: Honor Your Differences  4/14/22  5pm PT

When you feel invisible in mainstream media or amongst those around you, you may struggle to make sense of your own experience. Journaling and creative writing prompts create space for your full expression in this 90 minute class. Your story is valid. Beginners welcome, no prior experience in writing necessary.

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