Connection through story: Honoring your differences (Event Announcement)

Do you feel different, struggle with feeling disconnected, and long for connection?  

feeling different and wanting connection

Feeling different might look like
being a deep thinker in a superficial world,
being introverted in a society that rewards extroverts,
having a body shape that doesn’t match what’s considered normal,
having an illness or disability that isn’t obvious when looking at you,
or being an empath, highly sensitive, or neurodivergent.

When you don’t see yourself in the mainstream media or those around you, you may struggle to make sense of your own experience. 

You may feel lonely, invisible, or misunderstood. 

Hiding parts of yourself provides safety in some situations, yet suppressing yourself can make it difficult to hear your inner voice, shine your radiant light, and share your sacred gifts with the world.

Writing is a powerful healing tool for connection. 

writing is a powerful healing tool for connection
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In this class, journaling and creative writing prompts create space for your full expression. 

Your quiet inner voice will lead you to the story that wants to be told.  Listening to your own story and witnessing others tell theirs offers deep connection–you’re not alone.  Your story is valid. 

Beginners welcome; you don’t need prior experience with writing, just interest in creative self-exploration.

Thursday, April 14, 2022
5 – 6:30pm Pacific Time

This class will be hosted by New Renaissance Bookstore. $25