4 frequently asked questions about writing prompts and 7 free prompts

What are writing prompts?

Writing prompts ask open-ended questions to get you thinking. Guided questions makes it less daunting to sit down and explore your thoughts and feelings in free-form.

reflective writing prompts
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Who are they for?

Whether you’re comfortable or uncomfortable with writing, your words are just for you. Because of this, writing prompts are for anyone who wishes to explore and express themselves, regardless of how good of a writer you are.

Even if 10 people write to the same prompt, their answers will be unique. So prompts are customizable to your situation, and you’ll have different answers to the same prompt at different times in your life, or even times of the day.

When can you use writing prompts?

  • When you need to express yourself, but aren’t sure where to start
  • When you’re feeling confused or indecisive
  • To get back into a creative practice
  • When you’re stuck in a creative project
  • When you need self-care
  • For self-exploration
  • When you want a spiritual connection
  • When your child-self needs attention

The benefits of writing prompts:

  • Emotional catharsis
  • Release of physical gripping and holding
  • Listen to your inner wisdom
  • Clarity on your needs, desires, feelings, etc
  • Get fired up about something you’re excited by
  • Calm yourself after a challenging situation
  • Feeling seen, heard, understood
  • Practice communication
  • Creative flow

Wish to try? Check out this free 7 day challenge to connect to yourself through writing.