When you struggle to be heard

Have you tried asking others for advice, only to end up feeling scattered by contradictory opinions? You struggle to be heard. Maybe nothing anyone says or does feels right.

When you feel like all you’re needing is someone to listen and validate you, it’s really frustrating when it seems like no one is able to do that—offering unwanted advice, suggestions, or feedback instead.

when you struggle to be heard
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

There are times when you need external support, and times when what you really need is your own presence. Perhaps you know that only you have the answers to what you truly need and want… but you’re in your own way.

Compassionately listening to yourself allows you to hold your feelings, needs, desires, and goals as valid and important. You can make space for all that you are, even the parts that no one else knows about.

Seeing, hearing, and understanding yourself through writing can ease the weight of feeling invisible in your suffering.

I invite you to try a free 7 day writing prompt practice for listening to your own inner wisdom.