Do you need a story like yours?

“Does the world really need a story like mine?” you may ask,
in those times when meaning is hard to find.

When you’re questioning your choices and berating your mistakes,
answers don’t come easy and there’s so much at stake.
When you feel like a failure, messed up, in too much pain,
it really seems like the world has nothing to gain.

It’s all been done before, so how much does your voice really matter
Others will tear you up and you’ll have to throw up more armor.

Is it worth it to work so hard, when you’re just not going to get very far?

Well. I ask you,

“Do you need a story like yours?”

Instead of a victim in the mirror, do you need to see a hero?
To cast yourself in a new role, a fresh perspective in your life,
with a lens pointing to some of the things that you’ve done right.

It’s not to build up your ego, but to embrace
every messy part of you, including your lonely teary face.

Perhaps you need a story, where you can accept
all the moving—or missing— pieces in your life, even the ones you regret.

Maybe you need a cozy place to rest, because this is the life you have
And somewhere beyond all the tests…

is a quiet moment

Where you can sit
and remember
that you’re enough already
and things aren’t so bad.

Once that realization dawns, can you see a new chapter opening up?
Well you get to write it, because it’s your book.

To come back to your question, why not a yes,

The world needs another flawed, imperfect, at times unreliable narrator

with quirks and contradictions that often make no sense.

The world has room for stereotypes to be broken and boxes to be stretched.

Sensitivity is not a weakness, and your uniqueness is your birthright and gift
You don’t have to fit to any standard—you create your own parameters,
Just listen to your heart so you’re not led by your ego.

The world will shift as you evolve, so yes

It’s okay to be who you are
and it’s okay to question.
You have a place in the world just by existing.

So even if it’s just to yourself,
tell your story (and question it until it rings true,
not just to your mind but your heart and body too)

Until you find the people who will
and WANT to listen to you.

Of the 7+ billion people out there,
There is hope for connection to be shared.

Your story isn’t for everybody; it’s for you and those who resonate.
Not everyone has to like it, and you can never really predict fate.

About the author

I help people reconnect to themselves and tell their stories.

I am a certified coach, writing mentor, writer, and group facilitator who enjoys helping people who’ve felt different and struggle with feeling disconnected.

Since 2008, I’ve worked with writers in every messy step of the creation process. I’m passionate about delving deep into the story underneath the story — the root cause of the struggle with communication — so you can feel good about the results.

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