If Only You Could See What I See

deer behind grass
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Sometimes I have to rein back my excitement. I’ve got to slow down and not rush too far ahead. Stay in the moment with weary people who’ve worried over their story for so long the doubt is crushing them.

You may have asked yourself similar questions as my clients. Spun in similar doubts.  

“Can I really do it? My writing is terrible. I’m not getting anywhere. Will anyone like this story?”


If only you could see what I see: The moment your enthusiasm escapes the prison laid by doubt and frustration, lighting you up as you speak of your idea.  

If only you could read what I read: The gorgeous prose and courageous truths on the page.  

If only you could feel what I feel: The power encoded in your tender body and nimble hands to create joy, make me laugh, nurture warmth, bring me to the edge of my seat… all in response to your words.


Remember that you may never know who will cherish your words and embrace your stories. Who will sink into your truths to free themselves or connect to something much greater.  

You may be unaware of the value of your own words through someone else’s eyes.  You can’t experience what it’s like to read your story for the first time when you’re glazing over looking at the same words over and over again.

We’ve all got an inner critic. It’s typically harshest on ourselves.


Your first draft does not have to be good. Five star quality is neither a requirement nor expectation. It’s not about the details but the sentiment and creative movement. You can always edit. Keep going. You’ve got this.


When you’re feeling hard on yourself, know this struggle is not the only story, or the only truth. Imagine looking into a mirror held by a treasured source who is full of affection for all that you are.

Even if you don’t feel like it right now, you are beautiful and powerful, right at the center of your own story.