The Creative Rebel

I worked with a client who knew their writing was radical, meant to shock readers into transformational clarity. To put words to experiences and issues not commonly spoken about. Almost like once their words were read, the reader wouldn’t be the same again.

Whew, what an intense and tender thing to carry this purpose. Especially with their naturally caring and empathetic personality.

It can be terrifying to do your own thing, new and different from those around you.

Even after you hear your own calling, you may not want to go your own way. Yet you might be feeling a pull from your roots to stay the same. To not rock the boat.

The definition of a rebel is someone who resists convention.

Some rebels are aggressively defiant; others are simply disruptors introducing a novel way of being into the world.

Think about the typical rebellious teenager. Taking risks, lying to parents, ignoring curfew, testing out substances…

There’s a drive towards rebellion. Even if it’s not comfortable for those around them. Even if it goes against the “good person” persona they’ve wore through adolescence.

That teenage rebellion is a key stage towards individuation and maturity. Learning from the experiences. Preparing for a future of confidently making the right choices.

It may not be the time when it’s clear to them WHY they’re driven to do what they do, or WHERE it will lead them. But eventually, it becomes clear in hindsight. Those behaviors and experiences may lead them to a new calling, or the ability to settle into a life waiting for them.


Creative people can be rebels even in the gentlest way. They explore voices that haven’t been heard and put their own unique spin on what’s out there already.

Even the norms you’re familiar with can be rebellious.

  • Write and share your personal story when it’s normal to keep your private affairs to yourself.
  • Examine your challenges and emotional difficulties when it’s normal to “let things go,” “move on,” and “take things easy” without making a fuss.
  • Search for interdependent communities when the norm is individuality and independence.
  • Go your own way/forge your own path when the norm is to put others first.
  • Seek publication for your creative stories when fiction writing isn’t seen as a gainful pursuit.
  • Honestly name problematic behaviors when direct communication isn’t the norm.


Rebellion isn’t easy. It’s usually messy.

But whenever things crumble, there is potential for new growth and direction. Like the mature adult stage after child following-the-rules and teenager breaking-the-rules.

Lots of conventions seem to be crumbling on Earth. If you’re feeling a radical rebellious creative voice at this time, I encourage you to listen to what it’s saying. Ask for more information. Explore the voices within you to determine if your personal rebellion is an act of purpose, or if it’s an automatic reaction to avoid discomfort.

When things get difficult, be wherever you are. Channel acceptance into your body. It takes time to complete the process of creation. You don’t need to go from awareness of a purposeful creation to putting it out there. Take your time. And follow your inner voice; the GPS of your personal path.

You can simultaneously go your own way, and be supported. You may need to reach beyond those who’ve been around you. This isn’t a bad thing at all. It can simply mean growth and expansion for you to be yourself a bit more. So you can shine the gifts you carry out into the world a bit brighter.