When Inspiration Strikes, The Possibilities Can Surprise You

A 5,000 word short story came out of me last Sunday.

By “came out of me,” I mean the first draft flowed through my fingertips onto the document. No forcing, no pushing, no straining. Just steady writing over the course of several hours.

It started off as a simple idea. Then it turned into dialogue I could hear in my head.

The dialogue carried the story through completion.

I can hardly believe it. Every time I experience inspiration like this, I feel awe at the magical quality of creative writing.

How did the first draft have such ease?

I typically struggle with plot in my stories. I overthink it. Question it during development.

The plot in this story just kinda happened, unfolding with the dialogue.

I was very present with each scene that spilled out onto the page. And at the very end, I knew. I went to myself, “Ohhhh. I understand why I needed to write this story on this day.” I may never fully understand how it actually happened, but I do have insights on what it means to me.

And how it can help you as a writer as well. I’ll share more about this with you during Story Journeying (registration deadline May 15).
Story Journeying is about finding ease in creation. It may look different for you, but you can let your stories emerge. Can’t wait to see you there.