Profound timing: The right story at the right time

A few weeks ago, on April 15, 2021, I was looking through the library’s limited selection for a book. I saw one where stickers obscured the cover, but under that I was drawn to its image of a paw on a hand.   

When I picked it up, I realized it was the perfect book at the perfect time.  

Have you noticed when you’re drawn to a particular story or character, there’s something about it you’re needing?  

Finding the right story at the right time can be profound.  

Image: book cover of Mutual Rescue by Carol Novello with Ginny Graves

I didn’t realize why I was drawn to the book when I went to the library, but that book spoke to a deep need. 

Mutual Rescue shares compelling true stories of the positive transformation adopted animals often have on humans. 

April 14 is the day my soulmate cat Leyna jumped into my lap for the first time. It’s been over two and half years since her death, and especially around this time of year, my longing for a bonded animal companion feels etched into every breath. 

It’s funny—when I walked out of the library disappointed in finding only one book, I didn’t realize the power of this one book.  Or how badly I needed it.  Until I read it.

I was lit by the magic of human-animal connection.  The words of Mutual Rescue resonated deeply and filled me with awe.  I felt relief in the medicine of stories that blazed into deeper, perhaps dark with disuse, places of my heart.   

The Mutual Rescue stories soothed the “what-ifs” holding me back from finding another pet.  I remembered why I was searching.  My heavy heart eased open to possibilities.

Perhaps your story is like this too—unknown until it’s time to know it.


Sometimes the perfect story finds you.  And sometimes it’s up to you to tell the story.

I invite you to Writing Class: Story Journeying starting May 20 (registration deadline May 15) to write the story that wants to be told by you.  

Let your heart lead. Connecting on an intuitive soul level to the story that wants to be told by you takes the pressure off and leaves you open to the unexpected–what’s truly needed.  

There’s nothing quite like the magic of discovering the story that pushes all your buttons in the best ways, allowing for cathartic healing.

P.S. A notebook of daily gratitude helped me through a tough time years ago.  Leyna was my easiest source of joy at the time, which meant the notebook was mainly about her.  

Inspired by the power of animals, spiritual connection, grounded presence, and gratitude, please join me for Gratitude Writing on May 13 to feel the uplifting abundance of your own gratitude.

P.P.S. If you want to write, check out Time To Write, 1st and 3rd Mondays at 1pm PDT.  Next one is May 3.