You Are Not Limited By Your Current Story

With springtime, new moon energy, flowers blooming, plants growing, and sun shining, the energy of new beginnings, creative action, and accelerated growth is here.  

If you’re not feeling that, it’s okay.  

Sometimes when you’re in the midst of your current reality, it’s impossible to imagine anything different.

The idea that your value is determined by your productivity or accomplishments is a capitalistic lie.  

  • When an injury or chronic conditions flare and pain leaves you sidelined and grumpy, you might not be able to imagine the joy of dancing.
  • When you don’t sleep well, you might not be able to imagine the rush of waking up feeling inspired and productive.
  • With trees bare, you might not imagine the pleasure of drinking in the sight of full, lush roses and bright orange poppies.
  • Weighed down by sweats and blankets in the cold, you may not imagine the freedom of shorts.

It’s easy to equate what’s true at present with your identity. E.g. “I am a grumpy person” vs “I’m feeling grumpy;” “I am not a morning person” vs “I’m feeling tired this morning.” It can be really hard to see beyond the present.  

Here’s a reminder: You are not limited by your current story.

Two things can help when feeling smothered in a non-ideal reality:

  1. Focusing on the goodness presently available. Gratitude is a tool for this.
  2. Taking incremental action steps towards your dreams without judgement for “how much” you get done. Setting aside time to write is one such action.

These are my upcoming offers to you. Use some of the extra daylight to put energy towards your dream writing projects and expand the sensation of abundance available through gratitude.