What If Upping

What if I fail? What if no one likes me? What if I didn’t do that right?

What ifs are so often the mind spinning into every negative catastrophe it can think of.

What if… you switched that?

I like to play with “what if upping.”

What if… I could do what I love? What if… I discover tastier food that’s good for me?

What if… the healthcare system is reformed and there is better, more universal access to quality healthcare for everyone?

What if… I could meet whales? Swim with dolphins? Cuddle with big cats?

What if…

… … …

This game was magic the first time I played two years ago. To my surprise, my “what if I travel to Sedona” became “I’m going to Sedona!” three weeks later. Though this may not be the norm, it feels good to remember anything is possible—both the negative and positive what ifs.

Don’t forget to make time to dream.

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… … …

What ifs don’t have to be either effervescent or disastrous. They also can help return to reality. What if… the door that just closed means what you truly want is just around the corner? What if… undergoing this struggle means help other people through it?

Try writing the words “what if” at the top of a page. List out your own “what if…” dreams. Let yourself relax and be uplifted by those two words.