What Your Pen Says About You

You know how it is when your pen is running out of ink? It skips over the page, and you can see the indent but not the ink. You shake it, and it lasts a bit longer. You press hard with effort, annoyed and maybe wishing you’d brought a back-up pen with you before you settled in.

Then imagine an ink pen so smooth, the ink (and your words) flow. You move forward bold and seamless.

Fuller expression feels good, like a fresh new ink pen.

Take a moment to notice what you write with: Pen or pencil. Ballpoint or ink. Blue, black, or colored. Same every time or variety. Messy or neat. Take up space or crimp your letters to fit as many as possible.

You might be surprised to see your personality revealed.

What conditions allow free-flow? What patterns limit freedom?

Try switching up your pen to see how it changes your writing or mindset about writing. I enjoy a pen with a boldness and color to match my mood. Find the match that allows you to feel good about expressing yourself (preferably one that isn’t running low on ink!).

We will play with this during Writing Class: Playful Transformation beginning March 1, 2021.