Nervous to attend a writing event?

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Do you feel nervous about trying new events?

I want to acknowledge this because it is completely understandable to be nervous to write around other people. I’ve been here too. Writing can be so vulnerable and brings up different things for different people. Maybe you watch others’ pens moving and wonder if what you’ve written is “enough” or the “right” thing. Or worry what others will think of you, and if you’ll need to share before you’re ready.

Gentle reminder: Your writing is yours. You’re in charge of your experience.

You might explore for yourself what you’re nervous about, so you can fully settle into the experience. Maybe there are things you could do to feel more comfortable, like giving yourself permission to be nervous and imperfect. Or turning off your camera in an online event. Or having an emotional support item that’s out of view from the camera–a blanket over your lap, textured rug under your toes, or anchor (plant, crystal, picture) at eye-level above the camera.

Simply acknowledging your nervousness can be helpful— either for yourself so there’s space for your feelings, or, claiming it within the group. It can be powerful, validating, and comforting to mention what you’re feeling in the group and see other people nodding because they feel that too. And, it’s okay to test the waters first.

I try to make my events as accessible and safe as possible because I know the courage required to try something new. I encourage you to care for yourself and do what feels right. Hopefully you’ll find a way to be with, and soothe, your apprehension so you don’t miss out on experiences you might really enjoy!