What’s your play?

When I start working with clients, I have them define their terms. What might be obvious to them isn’t so obvious until we talk about it.

Take the word “play.” What is the first thing that comes to mind?

For someone, play might be a kid playing hopscotch. For another, it might be silly jokes. For a third, it might be the creative process.

It might be a person. A behavior. An action. A frame of mind.

You get to define your own version of play. It could be play like in elementary school. The silliness and competitiveness of playing tag with your friends. It could be the relaxed feeling you have in the bathtub where ideas come and go.

No matter how you define play, when we have more of it in our lives, the more our creativity flows and the more energy we have.

Let’s redefine play, and do it, in my upcoming class.