Did you know it’s time to play?

Play could seem like the furthest thing possible. Unappealing, even. With so much going on. Things need to get done now.

When your mind is obsessing, you may not imagine finding joy. When your body is aching, it might be hard to feel free.

I invite you to start with an exhale.

Maybe an extra long one.

Become aware of all that you’re feeling, and all that is true. Though it doesn’t remove the discomfort, you have permission to feel all that you’re feeling right now. That grants more ease and space to shift states.

Take a nanosecond to flip off seriousness and feel your own joyful inspiring creativity.

It’s hidden in there even if you can’t feel it at the moment.

While you can’t be in this state of playful joy all the time, permission allows this state to return. Being in the mess. Moving with the unpleasant sensations instead of overriding them. Giving all the feelings space to flow. Engaging with all that’s around you.

A child cries one minute, screams another, laughs the next.

A kitten startles, falls on their behind, then curiously examines what startled them on wobbly paws.

Just like the child or the kitten, what if you can be present with your feelings, AND remember play in the smallest way?

Learn to allow play to return in my upcoming class. I’m excited to explore with you the ways to allow creativity to emerge more easily. wish we’d have some kittens, but we can imagine (or watch some kitten videos) to help inspire us…