Connecting with the mystical moon to align with your purpose

photography of cat at full moon
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I started working with the moon as a life guide about 6 years ago. I was seeking something meaningful to remind me of magic, aliveness, and my purpose. While I knew goal setting to be a valuable tool for growth, it felt too linear and rigid. I had a hard time thinking far into the future, didn’t have a consistent schedule, and desired some form of structure. Tapping into the moon’s cycles felt intuitive and natural. The external accountability and mysticism of looking outside to witness the moon’s phase helped me feel connected and inspired. I’ve always journaled, and the moon allowed me to connect internally and also with the energy of the natural world around me. I’m often impressed with my review of my intentions at the end of the month. This creates a positive feedback loop that makes me want to celebrate and keep going. There’s always another cycle if this one doesn’t go as expected!

Want to get started? Check out the New Moon Intention Setting Workshop on February 11, 2021, 7-8:30pm PT. All are welcome to attend; no experience necessary.