When The Creative Impulse Takes Over And You’re Tired…

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You know the child that can’t be drawn away from their toys or the movie at bedtime? They’re tired and cranky, but they want. to. keep. going!

When this is you with your project, what do you do?

Sometimes there’s a fear that if you stop the creative flow and momentum, you won’t get it back. While this is true in some situations, sometimes this is just a fear.

You might try speaking to the creative impulse. Tell it you’re tired and need a rest. Ask it to wait until you’ve had some sleep, and you’re fresh enough to let it take full charge again.

See what it says.

If it says, “Just a little more, there’s something important for you to do in this moment,” see if it’s reasonable request.

On the flip side, it might just say, “Yeah, you were botching things up and making errors anyway. You’re too tired to be listening as clearly as I’d like. Go to bed.”


Pick it back up tomorrow, or when it’s time. It’s okay. If you need it, here is permission to press pause, sleep, and return rejuvenated and refreshed to take it to the next level.