“I’m proud of you.”

Are you ever motivated to create in order to receive someone’s attention?

Their full attention.

So that when you show them something you’ve created, they look at you with pride and SEE you. In this loving gaze, you know they understand and know you on a deep level. They appreciate you because they’ve witnessed your journey. And they celebrate your accomplishment as yours without squirming out credit for their contribution, or puff up with what your success means for them. You get to be fully seen and held in their delight of you.

This precious attention can be a deeply grounding gift. Something that can’t be bought, though sometimes it can be garnered through a working relationship with a healing professional.

If this is something you find yourself craving for, I honor and accept that part of you. This part may be wounded. Or it can just have a greater need than has gotten met.

With all the stories out there saying, “Everything you need is inside you,” you might berate yourself for this craving and think something is wrong with you for needing to be accepted and wanting someone to be proud of you.

If this is where you are, it’s okay.

Creativity is a vehicle of connection. Your depth and layers can be perceived through your writing, art, and/or business in ways there are no words for. It can be a felt sense, deeper and greater than you know.

It can be so easy for others to react to your creations out of their own shadows and distort the mirror for you to see deeper parts of yourself through your own creativity. But this is often not truly about you. You can use those experiences as contrast to more deeply appreciate the gift of being seen with affectionate acceptance.

Here’s a confidence boost and the reminder that you, and your creations, are beautiful. Valued. Worth birthing. Whether or not you receive the external gratification of loving attention, you are cared for.