Preparing for 2021

I’m seeing a lot of conflicting advice on social media telling people how to prepare for 2021.

Set goals. Don’t set goals! Be specific. Don’t be too specific. Make a list. Don’t make a list. Think about what you learned from 2020. Forget it, let go of 2020, focus on the future. Look ahead to what’s next, but don’t forget to honor the past. Just get through today, that’s enough.

Whew. I notice my heart contracting and my body tightening. I too want 2021 to be a good year for myself and the world. This desire feels vulnerable to the contradictory advice on how to reach that outcome.

My intention for the upcoming Guided 2020 Review starting 12/28 is to soothe the heart and soul. Not force or push, but hold gentle compassionate awareness of all that is true. Allow the parts of the self which haven’t had a chance yet, to speak. Use space and intention to witness what’s underneath the spinning mind, underneath the noise of well meaning advice, and underneath the usual escapist routines. Call in wisdom and kindness.

If this is something you want too, I hope you’ll join me. Bring a friend; make the start of 2021 a powerful one for both of you.

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