Reviewing and Closing Out 2020

I’m enjoying the current transition to winter, with the energy of this year winding down.

As the light in each day decreases, there is more permission and time to go inwards. The next chapter cannot be seen but in this darkness, there is quiet and trust. I find peace in this moment, knowing new will arise and the stillness is the pause before the next birth.

To me, it’s soothing to look back and find patterns. To know each cycle has a beginning and ending, and the ending of one cycle is the beginning of the next. It relieves the unnatural pressure of linearity.

One of my intentions is to surrender to the unknown with faith that though I can’t see what’s next, I am growing more adept at cultivating inner resources. Regardless of external circumstances, I don’t need all the things I want in order to be happy and at peace.

Even as uncertainty lingers in the air, I’m noticing people spending more time in fruitful introspection. I’ve heard great insights from those who are processing their learnings from the year. This seems like early sparks of new creative impulses. I’m interested to see how we as a collective will put our new knowledge into action.

Following the energy of review and retrospective, I’ve created several events for December. Click the links to sign up.

Writing Journeys Monthly Meeting: Uncertainty, December 10, 2020. 7-8pm PT

The human mind can have difficulties with uncertainty and unpredictability. Take a look at how you’re dealing with uncertainty and what would support you.

Winter Solstice Writing Ritual celebrating winter and welcoming the Great Conjunction, December 21, 2020 (sponsored by New Renaissance Bookstore).

Do you dread winter, the season of cold and darkness?

Instead of avoiding or despising the season, what if you could choose to begin winter consciously?  Remembering that each season has a purpose in the greater cycle of beginnings and endings.

Winter Solstice, the first day of winter, is a time to reflect and go inwards.  This special day also marks the Great Conjunction, an energetic turning point of Jupiter and Saturn meeting at 0 degrees, symbolizing potential for new beginnings.  When you slow down and tune into your inner truths, you may find ease and balance.  In this conscious practice, release and integrate the past, set intentions, transition into winter, and prepare for the year ahead.

Guided 2020 Review, December 28 – January 1.

Processing and closing out 2020 seems like it’d take more than one day! This review takes place over 5 days – the last four days of 2020 and the first of 2021.

By December 28, you may be tired of thinking about 2020 and itch to move past it. However, I’ve found that trying to leave something behind without integrating it doesn’t work as well as seeing what’s truly there. Inviting the wisdom can be powerful.

Plus, if you’re anything like me, your ego mind has a tendency to focus on the negative until it is deliberately redirected. One way of doing this is to practice asking the question, “what’s good?” This review will offer balance and closure.

Give voice to the insights which may have been arising through the year. Complete the stories in your mind. Capture as complete a picture as is possible. I invite you to join me in celebrating completion and new beginnings.

Writing Journeys Monthly Meeting: Embodying Your Yes, January 14, 2021. 7-8pm PT

Kick off the year with some feel-good discovery around what it feels like to be in your “YES.”