Your Creative Process & Productivity Style

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What is your current preferred way to work or write? Deep and intense, shallow periodic spurts, or steady consistent rhythm?

Perhaps you’ve observed your patterns changing over time.

I notice that I currently prefer going deep and doing much at once. I follow the momentum: The more I do, the more I want to do, and the more I feel capable of doing. I can go from morning to late night for days feeling “drivey” and motivated to keep going. And then I crash. I rest and recover my energy. Then I take a look at what went well and what I learned from the process. Once I’ve recovered fully, I go again when inspiration sparks.

While I enjoy working in this creative method, it’s typically not predictable or sustainable. Sometimes following the energy isn’t enough; I need more discipline even if it decreases my drive. I consciously try to bring consistent discipline to temper my need for depth.

I also find inspiration from collaboration or being able to talk things through with someone. This usually results in a freshening of the energy for the project or draft. I’m often more aware of myself and how I’m showing up, whether the other person reflects it back to me or not. This helps me observe some of the patterns that prevent me from making progress. Am I pulling in a bunch of ideas at once and lacking focus? Have I lost the excitement and need to let the idea go for now so it can shift to something more correct?

Using awareness of how you work, you can elevate your productivity in ways that feel good.

What is your approach to creation, writing, or life? Is there another style you can pull in to temper, support, or boost your natural tendencies?