The 4 Basic Emotions

Emotions are valuable. They are a map of the heart. They allow intuitive messages to be heard and understood.

Can you identify your emotions? Can you hold space to feel your emotions without numbing or avoiding them? I’ve found that many of my clients and workshop attendees have difficulty with this.

Emotional literacy is a topic close to my heart. It is a skill I only learned more recently how to practice. Being able to identify, understand, and process emotions is highly valuable. It provides emotional freedom.

Take a moment to pause what you’re doing in this moment and check in with your body. Are you feeling happy, sad, afraid, or angry?

These are the 4 basic emotions. Most experienced emotions are a shade or combination of these.

During your day, check in with yourself. Take a centering breath and ask yourself what you’re feeling without judgement. Notice what this gives you.