Struggling with writing?

questioning yourself, sabotaging your story

Whatever type of writing you do, whatever project you’re working on…

The struggle might look like procrastination, perfectionism, doubt, dread, busying yourself with everything but writing, seeking external validation, changing your words to blend with those around you so you don’t stand out.

Sometimes just thinking about writing makes your chest tighten. Sometimes finding the right words is a headache. And sometimes you know exactly what you’re trying to say… but those reading don’t get it.

Your own passion can feel so vulnerable, you trip over it. Yet shutting down your story, your voice, and your writing keeps you from being seen, heard, and celebrated for who you are.

Writing doesn’t have to be a frustratingly solitary struggle.

It’s possible to…

Find ease in every step of writing. | Receive the support you need. | Activate your creative passion. | Own your story. | Be understood and appreciated.

Hi, I’m Malar.

Since 2008, I’ve helped both writers and non-writers in every step of the messy creative process.

I’m passionate about delving deep into the story underneath the story — the root cause of the struggle with communication — so you can complete your writing project and feel good about the results.

People say…

While working with Malar, I discovered I had a story that wanted to be told, but I was also afraid to tell it.  It felt so tender and painful.  As I danced around telling it, Malar allowed me to be exactly where I was at and then asked me a few very helpful questions that opened up the words I needed to say.  She held the space for me masterfully.  I felt completely seen and heard and, through the process, healed something I didn’t even know needed healing.

Karen Light, Studio Light Illustration

Working with Malar is a joyful and rewarding experience. Her coaching and feedback helped me find the essence of my message, as well as improve the quality and impact of my writing. Her guidance helped me create articles that generated more traffic, increased social media engagement, and improved turnout at our special events.

Chris Sims, President, Agile Learning Labs

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