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Soulful Writing Journey Guidance

Didn’t see yourself in the books you read growing up?

Reclaim yourself; find your own words to express who you really are.

Writing is medicine

especially for those who are different and tired of being misunderstood.

The world has told you over and over: there’s something wrong with you.

“You’re making a big deal out of nothing.” “You’re too sensitive, too emotional, too needy.” “You look fine, what’s wrong with you?”

So you learned to mask your true nature.

Censoring your words, accommodating others, assimilating to expectations.

You mastered camouflage, but lost yourself.

Each time you try to share your experience, you’re invalidated. So you struggle to express yourself. You doubt your own ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Who are you, really?

You can practice being yourself in your writing,

even when you can’t anywhere else.

We are all different.

Flavors you may recognize in yourself:

  • chronic medical condition
  • invisible disability
  • introverted
  • highly sensitive
  • empath
  • neurodivergent
  • immigrant
  • alternate lifestyle

Even if you didn’t see yourself in books you read growing up, you can understand yourself by writing your experience in your own words, in your own way.

Come home to yourself through writing

Hi, I’m Malar.

I provide guidance to generate writing from the heart.

I use a gentle, intuitive, heart-centered, bottom-up, process-based methodology to help you birth writing that speak to your soul.  


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Soulful Writing Guidance

Tell stories you can no longer keep silent.

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Write Your Life Map

A living document expressing who you are.

More info coming soon.

Events and Classes

Coming 2023

My approach is a unique one I developed after I saw traditional top-down methods didn’t always work for intuitive people who operate differently. 

Let’s match your inherent strengths with your desires.


Why take on the work of telling your story now

Our untold stories are collectively making us sick.

Your story matters.

I believe your words are waiting to be heard.

You can be seen, heard, understood, and celebrated for who you are.

I invite you to step in, feel into your resonance with these words, and explore whether this work is for you.